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Ed and Fran

Nov 18, 2004, 11:52 AM

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Festival Agustin Lara

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This weekend in Veracruz and Tlacotalpan they're celebrating "Festival Agustin Lara" commemorating the 104th anniversary of the birth of Agustin Lara, probably the most famous Mexican composer (if he's not the most famous, at least he's my favorite).

Here's a link to the Conaculta announcement:

There's a great museum to Lara in what used to be one of his houses. It's across the street from the Hotel Lois in Boca del Rio. The museum is called La Casita Blanca. When we were there a few years ago there was an excellent steak restaurant on the ground floor. Upstairs had been converted into a museum. Lots of old memorabilia, and very knowledgable guides (at least ours was).

For those not familiar with his work, some of his better known compositions include;
Maria Bonita (written for Maria Felix, one of his wives)
Noche de Ronda
Arrancame la Vida
Piensa En Mi
Solamente Una Vez

In addition to being a great composer, he was quite a character. (Femminists and Temperance Movement members may have other descriptions for his style of life). But no doubt a giant of Mexican music.

Here's a link to an very short English language biography of the famous "Flaco de Oro";sid=276&len=In


E & F


Nov 20, 2004, 8:46 AM

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Re: [Ed and Fran] Festival Agustin Lara

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We enjoyed the Augustine Lara museum on Boca del Rio also, don't remember a restaurante. The museum is in a house (Casita Blanca) given to Lara by the governor of Veracruz, I recall.

We just had friends visiting yesterday who we had not seen for years. They are long time visitors to Mexico, who we have traveled with in Mexico multiple times, and the topic of Lara came up. They mentioned that in Oregon, when they ask for a song by Augustine Lara, the Mariachi band lights up and is very pleased to play it, happy that gringos know about Lara.

The other Lara topic that came up was the mystery of how someone who is not attractive, someone said he looks like a rat, could attract so many beautiful women. The women thought that he must have a hidden beauty or aura, that he knew how to treat women. A great mystery.

We are fans of Lara also. I am sure that the festival would be fun, we were just talking about another visit to Veracruz.


"El Gringo Jalapeño"

Nov 20, 2004, 9:53 PM

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Re: [Ed and Fran] Festival Agustin Lara

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Ed and Fran:
Great to hear from you two again and especially with valuable information about the Augustin Lara Festival. Yes, he was "feo, feo, feo" but married the likes of the "Doña"(María Felix). Gee, if being ugly is what a guy needs to make beautiful women swoon, than why don't I do better!!! But thank God my wife loves me just the way I am.(Por lo menos, eso es lo que me dice.).
Keep your posts coming on this is good to see some activity again.
¡Portense mal y cuidense bien!
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