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Oct 15, 2004, 4:28 AM

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Attorney, anyone?

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We've sold our home in NY and planned to come to Lakeside in mid-November. We had it rented for a year to end of August, but let tenants stay on month-to-month to find other accommodations. We're now told they will not vacate and are asking for remuneration from us if we force them out. The rental agent is not a great help here. Seems we as homeowners do not have any rights. We may have to obtain legal representation to defend us in this issue. Has anyone heard of anything similar to this? We hope you have, and that the end result will be in our favor.


Oct 15, 2004, 5:53 AM

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Re: [bettyv] Attorney, anyone?

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In the past, this situation often happened and landlords' hands were tied. It could take years (literally years) to evict tenants with no lease. Some tenants were (or became) squatters; it was just as difficult to remove squatters from a property as it was to remove paying tenants who stayed longer than the term of their lease and refused to leave.

The law which gave the tenant (paying or not) preferential treatment was changed in February 2004. A landlord now has recourse; the tenant now has only 90 days to vacate a property once the lease ends or, if there is no lease, after the date that the landlord says he/she requires the property.

In all likelihood you will need a lawyer to work with you in your situation. You might email or call Eliberto Velázquez de Anda here in Ajijic. His email is; his telephone number is (376) 766-4240. His address is Colón #41A. His wife, also an attorney in that office, speaks excellent English.

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