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Bill Meadows

Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM

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Be straight ...enough false postings

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How many people are the Community fOrum? I get the feelig tht itīs only and handul. Who wants to own up? I think we have a select numeber ,THINK; WE have contribtutores who whip the knee jerk wheel and keep each other aggitated, keeping the wheel going round and round. I bet there are five or six persons who generate 90% of the postings. I have done my share and I admit it but realize foolery only goes so far and I will stop my abuse of the system. I want to see more honesty and taking respsonsibility for oneīs expression. Of course there are humorus sitiations tht work with a funny posting name...such as my R. Reagan post, which may or may not serve a useful purpose. But the serioius issues...letīs own up to authorship. I was a newspaperman and I learned better, so please, my compatriates, letīt get a little more credible with contribituble sources that can be substantiated. In other words, letīs upgrade the forum. Bill Meadows 766-3193

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