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johanson / Moderator

Sep 6, 2004, 5:37 PM

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MSFT SP 2 update

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I wrote in another string "5 GB is a very large file. And folks are upset about the 80 MB SP 2 file. Could you imagine what would happen to your ISP's backbone if too many of us were to try to download at the same time? It wouldn't be fun"

Esperanza Answered Post: It took 24 full hours for that patch to download using Prodigy dialup, but whoopeeee--it worked. I kept thinking it would crash somewhere along the way, but it didn't. It was a miracle, a Prodigious miracle. LOL...
I suddenly realized we ought to start a new string on this topic. titled "MSFT Service Pack 2".

24 full hours. Wow. You're good at computers Esperanza and you know what you are doing, and usually Prodigy dialup offers good bandwidth. I wonder why it took so long? Could there have been so many others downloading that your connection was slow?

Here are some comments I wrote elsewhere that I shall share here.

Some of the more cautious experts suggested that we not immediately download SP 2 because there might be complications. With that warning in mind I planned not to download MSFT Service Pack 2 for a month or so. But I couldn't wait. 10 seconds after it was offered to me, I began the download. It was on an older PC and only required a 76 MB upgrade and with a pretty good telephone connection in the states it took maybe 5 hours for the download and maybe another hour for the install. I had no complications. My newer laptop had more software that needed to be upgraded so the download was 102 MB. This download took maybe 12 hours. Most of the delay was my fault, I hadn't turned off a firewall, or I disconnected the internet connection, etc I had absolutely no problem with either download. Everything was automatic, when I connected, MSFT checked out my software to make sure it wasn't a pirated copy and to see how big the download needed to be. Also when I lost my dialup connection, the computer automatically redialed and connected to the ISP REMEMBER: MSFT highly recommends you back up any critcal data before you download SP 2 just in case there are complications. Did I back anything up? Don't ask.

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Sep 6, 2004, 8:03 PM

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Re: [johanson] MSFT SP 2 update

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I downloaded the approximate 75 MB SP 2 file last week using prodigy dialup here in Mexico. Took about 6 1/2 hours to complete the job. All went well and everything seems to work properly.
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