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Judy King

Nov 30, 1919, 12:00 AM

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";Licensed"; realtors at Lake Chapala

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Just a quick note to clear up "Snuffy's" inaccuracy waaaaaaay down the board. . .So far Mexico does not require that real estate agents be licensed. BUT, here at Lake Chapala about 14 years ago, the lakeside real estate brokers formed an organization, the G.I.L. to train and certify agents, to promote listings through a multiple listing service and to provide a vehicle to fairly handle complaints against any real estate agents or offices.<p>The system has worked pretty well. According to the by-laws, all new agents and brokers must take new agent training and pass a test within a short time after being hired to work by a G.I.L. company. In addition, all agents must take a continuing education class each year.<p>The Multiple Listing Service is alive and well, and functioning much better than any other option in the entire country. Even Mexico City and Guadalajara agents do not have access to a system showing all of the listings in the area like is available here.<p>Another of the best features of G.I.L. is the Arbitration Committee--any buyer or renter with a complaint against any agent or office may file their complaint, in writing to the Arbitration Committee chairperson, or any broker in the G.I.L. to be turned over to the Arbitration committee. <p>A committee of 3 persons will request the documents pertaining to the complaint, and will ask the office the complaint is against to also provide the documents needed to defend their case. This system works and is available to any person at Lakeside who feels they have been wronged.<p>Just thought you would want to know<p>(BTW, no, I am not currently a real estate agent at Lake Chapala) I did work here in real estate for 11 years, I am on a leave of absence. By virture of organizing and presenting the continuing education class this year, I received the renewal of my own credential as well--but am not showing property.

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