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Jul 28, 2004, 6:36 PM

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Service at Mail Boxes, Etc. in San Antonio Tlayacapan

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I wish to alert readers of this forum of some very serious problems I have recently had at MBE at Lakeside. My postings regarding this issue have resulted in a number of interesting responses on another local forum some of you might find interesting if you are an MBE member or contemplate becoming one.

To summarize:

Because of the limited DVD rental selection at Lakeside, I decided to join the Netflix DVD mail rental service in the U.S since they have a huge selection of DVDs they will rent you for about $20USD a month. Because they will not ship to Mexico, I thought to open an account at MBE in San Antonio Tlayacapan and have the DVDs shipped to their Laredo address in Texas. Presumably, the DVDs would then be forwarded by MBE to me once received in Laredo via overnight bag. I checked with MBE in San Antonio to make sure this was kosher and they told me that there was no problem and that they had a number of clients who availed themselves of this service.

Netflix ships DVDs three at a time from Houston and indicates that the three DVDs should be received in three days via the USPO first class mail. I ordered the first three DVDs and got them about three weeks later. Well, OK. Three days to Laredo and then 2 1/2 weeks to San Antonio was marginally acceptable on occasion. I returned the three DVDs and, when Netflix got them back, they sent me three more. Standard procedure. Those next three movies were sent May 24th. It is now July 28th. They have never arrived at MBE in San Antonio. During the latter part of june, I informed Netflix that my movies had never arrived so they sent me three more on June 30th. Those three movies have also disappeared. All of them. Not one movie has been received by me in San Antonio since the first three in May.

Yesterday, I cancelled my Netflix membership and I will not renew my MBE membership next month. I have written a letter of strong complaint to MBE headquarters in the U.S.

here is a synopsis of my experience:

When I went to the MBE office twice showing proof that these movies had been mailed to me, they checked with Laredo only to report back to me that Laredo makes no attempt to keep any kind of record of first class mail received by them via the U.S. Post Office and thus has no way of tracing mail therefore has no idea whether or not my movies were ever received there.

Correspondents from the U.S. report excellent, reliable and speedy service from Netflix domestically which makes it impossible to believe that all six movies sent separately from one another could have disappeared unless someone somewhere is pilfering them.

One correspondent reports that she has been to the Laredo office of MBE responsible for forwarding mail to San Antonio and found it to be lacking. I suggest you read her response yourselves on the other forum as I feel that it is unfair for me to paraphrase her remarks.

This apparent incompetence has cost me a lot of money and I urge all of you to exercise caution in your dealings with these people.

Now, the problem could be with Netflix, the USPO or MBE either here or in Laredo. I am blaming no one nor am I pointing a finger. Use your common sense.

Do any of you have any experiences with MBE locally you would like to share with the rest of us? This problem cannot be corrected unless we all discuss these issues.

Did you all know that there is another mail forwarding service in San Antonio of which I have been informed today? I can't vouch for their service but I will surely check them out.

As more and more expats move here, we must have a reliable mail forwarding service. And to think that I had contemplated working from home here doing loan underwriting packages for a California bank using MBE. Life is too short.


Jul 29, 2004, 6:34 AM

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Re: [Bubba] Service at Mail Boxes, Etc. in San Antonio Tlayacapan

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Bubba you might want to try "Handy Mail". I have not used them but the might be better than MBE. You could sign up for a month and see.
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