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Apr 16, 2004, 7:33 AM

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Need help/advice/recommendations/etc

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¡Buenos días!

Hubby and I are coming down for a visit in September (bad planning on my part--11 Sep!) and I'm hoping that he'll fall in love with the country like I did. I know that he's more than interested because he's starting to learn Spanish :) Anyway, we're going to go the the LC area for a week and I'd really appreciate a little info/advice on a few different things.

1) Hubby will be about 4 months post-recovery from an amputation of the foot (below the knee) and he's a bit concerned about the availability/quality of medical treatment. He won't need it while he's there and should be as recovered as possible (and using a prosthesis), but he is interested in general info about doctors/hospitals, etc and how comparable are they? For anything major, we'd go back up to the states due to our insurance, but any personal experiences would be appreciated. Also, if you're on medication in the states, is it pretty easy to get the same meds there (ie, synthroid for thyroid)?

2) Where do you recommend I take him to truly get a sampling of the area, both bad and good? What are some of the must-see"" things?

3) What's the best way to find out about all of the organizations, meetings, etc, that are available? Is there some kind of schedule of events in a paper or something similar?

4) Anything else that you can suggest/recommend/advise? This is for retirement planning, we don't have any intentions of working but would be interested in volunteering.

Many thanks in advance!

Cheri (another wanna-be, hope-to-be)


Apr 16, 2004, 11:36 AM

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Re: [Biggles] Need help/advice/recommendations/etc

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Having recently visited the area (and plan to move there next April) my biggest concern would be his mobility. The cobblestone roads, often high curbs, etc make walking difficult...more than one reader has posted about sprained ankles. I understand that many of the medical facalities are top notch & affordable. I'm sure others will answer yor specific questions.

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Apr 16, 2004, 12:59 PM

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Re: [Biggles] Need help/advice/recommendations/etc

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Medical service is generally pretty good - Guad has a teaching hospital/medical school - doctors make house calls, cost is very reasonable. Most medications are available; many that are prescription in the USA can be bought over the counter in Mexico. But it's always best to check out the availability of personal medical needs when you visit.

The Lakeside area is fairly flat the closer you get to the lake. Some areas have adequate sidewalks, some are nightmares even for the able-bodied. Again, best to check it out. This is something I think you can work around with experience. In general, Guads streets and sidewalks are easier to navigate than Lakesides, IMO.

There are more organizations, both Lakeside and in Guad, than you can shake a stick at. The monthly Ojo del Lago and Lake Chapala Review (free and available all over) list their schedules and have articles on their activities. In addition, the Guadalajara Reporter, a weekly for about a buck, covers their activities. All are English language periodicals and a good source of info on the area.

I'm biased, but the Ballet Folklorico in the Dellagado Theatre in Guad on Sunday mornings is a must see, along with the Plaza, fountains, statutes, Mercado and old public buildings across the street. Tours go there from Ajijic for a nominal cost. There is lots of seating spread throughout the Plaza, and the fountains' reflecting pools have wide ledges that can be used for seating as well. The Lake Chapala Grounds in Ajijic also merit a looksee. Hope you have a great trip.


Apr 16, 2004, 4:08 PM

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Re: [mkdutch] Need help/advice/recommendations/etc

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Many thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'm semi-familiar with some of the sites of Guadalajara (if there's a market, I'm there!) but you brought up a couple of other good ones, too. Can't wait for September!

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