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Apr 5, 2004, 9:43 PM

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Where to live?

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I have just arrived in Mexico. I have moved from Alaska. I am now in Tepoztlan, which I love. But due to physical injury I need to be by the ocean, and not climbing so many hills. I am heading South on the 11th of April and would appreciate some suggestions. I want a small friendly village, where there are more horses than cars. Flat terraine but close to mountains, and calm waters for swimming.

My email is phone 739 395-1241 (til Apr 11).

I am single, Canadian, 39, Female. With a small disability income. I love to dance and climb and swim. I write short stories and poems and songs.

Please you write.

New to Mexico. Looking to make friends.


Apr 7, 2004, 3:35 PM

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Re: [angelsirene] Where to live?

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Since no one else has replied, I will make a few comments.

Your request does sound a little idylic, perhaps if there was such a place some of us would move there! ;-)

That said, I would tend to send you to the pacific coast. However, most of the pacific coast has big waves. The Yucatan also has barrier islands and fishing villages on the coast. Protected waters tend to get less circulation, raising the question about how much fecal mater might be found there, given the general lack of sewage treatment facilities in Mexico. General beach hazards, large city or small, would include Malaria and Hurricanes.

There are lots of little villages, some of them are on bays protected by barrier islands. Lots of them might be considered idylic, but there might not be any services there, people would probably be very poor, and few people speak English. You did not say how much Spanish you spoke.

Occasionally Mexico Desconocido will publish an article on such a village. For example, the November 2001 issue has an article on "Chacala, Paraiso Escondido en la costa del Pacifico". (Chacala, hidden paradise on the Pacific Coast). Chacala is near Tepic, Nayarit. The article says that some of the locals are building an extra room on their houses for tourism, for a kind of sustainable development. Maybe it would be worth a look.

You might also look at Barra de Navidad, it has an ocean side and a bay side, definitely has hotels and restaurants, and was a nice place when we were there a few years ago. Lots of Americans and Canadians.
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