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Mar 13, 2004, 3:27 PM

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An off-the-wall question

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Hello, All -

I am new to this board and have a question for you. I don't mean to upset anyone or start another long, drawn out exposition on the merits for or against, really I don't, but the subject is relatively important to me.

As background: I am pushing 64 and retired because of a very serious case of disseminated Lyme disease that I've had since October 2002. The Lyme has taken away most of my vitality and has recently caused a new diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Fibromyalgia. I have had to take just about every chemical known to man (antibiotics, oxycodone, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, you name it, I've had them prescribed) and finally said NO MORE, because the side effects of the chemicals are worse than the condition they are supposed to alleviate. With my physician's approval (but not his Rx, obviously), I now use marijuana to help the pain of muscle cramps all over my body, random and unexpected firing of nerves, vicious headaches, anxiety, depression, serious sleep disturbance--I am only able to sleep for 15-20 minutes at a time, followed by 2-3 hours of tossing and turning, getting a total of maybe 3 hours of sleep each 24 hours--and many other physical problems related to my diseases and syndromes.

I would love to expat to Mexico, where I lived when I was a teenager, because my small pension and social security would allow me a better quality of life than it does here, and because I really love the people, culture, history, everything about the country. So my question is: Is there such a thing as "medical marijuana" in Mexico. That is, would I be able to buy medical grade marijuana and to use it in the privacy of my living quarters without having to worry about the policia banging down my door and dragging me off to the carcero?

I ran a search on this all boards for the subject of marijuana, but almost went cross-eyed trying to keep up with a general discussion of legalization and a blow-by-blow of one person's adamant opposition to any drugs (maybe not aspirin?), that I had to give up and ask the question directly.

I will appreciate a response, if not on the board, perhaps in a PM or e-mail? Thank you all for bearing with me and I hope to get to know all of you via this board before I visit and meet you in person.

Bright blessings,



Mar 13, 2004, 4:10 PM

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Re: [brookela] An off-the-wall question

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>>Is there such a thing as "medical marijuana" in Mexico.

No, there isn't.

Rolly Pirate


Mar 14, 2004, 7:49 AM

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Re: [Rolly] An off-the-wall question

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Though I am far from an expert in the field, from everything I have read, there is no such thing and if you are caught with it, you WILL be in a World of trouble. I for one would not hold any hope for a "medical necessity" defense in Mexico. Remember, Mexico gets U.S. air for the "War on Drugs" and the U.S. Federal Government won't even allow medical use in the U.S. even though some states have approved it and most doctors support its medical use.

Good luck.

"When all logical explanations have failed, we must look to the illogical for the answer.


Mar 15, 2004, 7:37 AM

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Re: [brookela] An off-the-wall question

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I guess you can tell the answer to that is a HUGE no no. That being said, and suffering from some of the same conditions as you, I did find that while at Lakeside the heat and dry conditions did help with my condition. Not enought for me to stop my meds though. Top that off with the mineral waters in San Juan Cosala and it makes Lakeside a possible place to try.

On the other hand if you MUST have grass, then try Canada where it has been legalized and if memory serves me you can also get it in California as "medicine".

For info on Canadian laws

For California
Retirement Communities

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Mar 16, 2004, 9:31 AM

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Re: [Jean] An off-the-wall question

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I want to thank everyone who responded, even though it isn't what I wanted to hear [sigh]. I really want to live in Mexico and not Canada (I did the California thing for 7 years in the 1960s . . . it was the longest century I ever lived through . . . so that's not an option for me). But it's good to know that the Lakeside area is salubrious to Jean's symptoms, and I'll be sure to spend enough time there on my scouting trip to see whether it might be good for me, too.

Again, thanks to one and all. Bright blessings,

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