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Feb 16, 2004, 6:00 PM

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Terrible fire at Paamul

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Posted by: Heidi Needham
02/16/2004, 00:28:57
Thanks for your Interest on Paamul and your wishes.
Paamul did go to a nightmare. Here is our story.
About at 10:00pm on February 13th an exploding gas tank for warm water did set Paamul's north end on fire within minutes. We lost 7 palapas with all interior including RV's, motor homes and cars, the dive shop and the restaurant. It seams like a wonder that nobody got hurt. Our friends couldn't save anything but their life. They had 3 minutes to go out there.
It was very close to loosing all of Paamul. Fire fighters from Playa del Carmen, Akumal and Cancun, water trucks from Calica
And the workers and residents of Paamul did fight the fire for hours. The smoke is still hanging over the destroyed landscape. The amount of the loose is according to the newspapers near a Million in US Dollars.
But the loose on emotional belongings is uncountable. Photos, computer files, home videos music recordings and so much more. The 14th was the birthday of one of our youngest residents. Little Susie's Birthday Party was canceled.
Bud Paamul isn't dad. The phoenix is rising. Last night we did have a Hermit Crab Race, a Karaoke and a Dance for the benefit of our homeless. The south wall of the restaurant is still standing and the new kitchen is still operable. Our restaurant put a tent beside with some surviving beach furniture; that is the restaurant now. Diner will be served but maybe you have to bring your chair with you. The dance floor is the surviving tiled path on the south wall.
I haven't any pictures from the fire. There was no time, we was fighting the fire with a bucket brigade.
The water from the ocean was our only chance as the fire trucks run out of water until the water tanks from Calica arrived.
The power in the park was down and so was the pump, so we didn't have any water. The ambers where flying over
the whole park and that was where Dino, Paamul resident and Palapero [Palapa builder] got the hero of Paamul. The roof
of #8 across the restaurant came on fire. Dino climbed the flag pole and put the fire out. That did save central and south from catching fire. A strong wind was coming from east. We didn't have rain lately; so everything was very dry.
We had a collection for Dino and will give him a party.
That was our story. We will survive and rebuild. Paamul will be beautiful again; more beautiful then before
Thanks to everybody helping. Thanks to the fire fighters. Thanks to Calica for the water. Thanks to the Paamul community for having an incredible spirit and the friendship and solidarity for each other.
Heidi Needham, Paamul

Jim in Cancun / Moderator

Feb 17, 2004, 5:04 AM

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Sorry to hear about that

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Paamul was a well known site before and so beautiful. We wish you all all the best in rebuilding. It sounds like you have starteed already and won't let it keep you down. Good luck!!


Feb 20, 2004, 8:34 PM

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Re: [paamul] Terrible fire at Paamul

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My wife Kathy and I stopped by Paamul on the way to Tulum last Ma and had a cup of coffee at the restaurant. We met a couple who had a trailer there--they were all year around residents, from Dallas, who had taken early retirement. They were divers. I do not remember their names, but they showed us their palapa and place and we visited with them for a half hour or so.

If you know them, tell them best wishes from us.

Ron and Kathy from Oregon
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