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Dec 3, 2003, 7:23 AM

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Re: [Marlene] Mazatlan - What's Happening in December?

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I visited Mazatlan for the third time last month and found the Pacific Pearl newspaper and the area guide by Michael Vaselik helpful. I really enjoyed the city and now have questions about all kinds of things. Can anyone tell me what the weather is like the month of December. Do visitors in December come from Mexico or are they international? Do the tours and water sports start revving up this month? Do hotels begin charging "on-season" rates in December or do most keep rates the same all year? Would anyone like to share what their favorite activities in the city are?

Marlene / Moderator

Dec 12, 2003, 8:35 AM

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Re: [teresa] Mazatlan - Answers to Mazatlan Questions

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Hi Teresa,

Good questions. The weather in Mazatlan has cooled quickly over the last 3 weeks. We almost need sweaters at nights now. We are still sleeping under just a sheet, no comforter yet. (Except for the parrot who has her winter blankie on at night now).

Tourists are hitting the beaches during the day as it is warms up nicely. Lots of "snowbirds" have arrived to spend the winter here, and they are all wearing shorts and t-shirts day or night. The wave runner owners, the parasail guys, the booze cruise captains, and the beach vendors are all hopeful for a great season. Seems the time share people aren't doing so well though, but that doesn't stop them from trying.

Prices in the hotels, as well as the rental houses go up slightly in the peak snowbird season, however Mazatlan is still a great bargain compared to other beach resorts. Even in the Golden Zone tourist area, prices of meals are still very reasonable. Drinks are usually two for one in that area. The time of the year when we notice things getting out of hand price-wise is Easter (Semana Santa). For a 2 week period, the town is heaving with national tourists. Even taxi drivers go for the gold by raising their fares on unsuspecting tourists during Easter) The drive from Mazatlan Viejo (where many of us live) to the Golden Zone or beyond to the Marina is an interesting journey that can take hours. Those that work in the Golden Zone during this time of year must leave for work early to get there on time. Parking is impossible so most leave their cars on distant side-streets to walk to work. People in Olas Altas and Playa Nortè areas can be seen with suitcases in the streets as they search for somewhere to stay. Everyone wants to be near the beach - the reason they made the trip in the first place!
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