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Jim in Cancun

Jul 7, 2003, 6:31 AM

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Domestic Water filtration system info please

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Looks like my little ranchito in the Q.Roo jungle is about to have running water AND a roof all at the same time so I am at the point where I need to purchase a water filtration system to purify the well water. Wells here are not so much connected to a water table as to underground springs and rivers. I have gotten back the results of a lab analysis and need to purchase a system to make the water safe to drink--eventually. Mineral content is low but fecal matter is higher than permitted by federal standards.

The plan is to continue watering plants and crops directly from the well--pump water up THROUGH A PRIMARY FILTER to the tinaco in the water tower (about 9 mts. high) so that what is in the tinaco is fit for "house" use and then put a final filter at the kitchen "sink" (that's what we called it in Indiana anyway) to make it potable.

Interestingly enough I have not found any local suppliers of filtration systems (ok, so I haven't spent THAT much time on it YET.). I found the thread from May and it was interesting but if anyone has additional information like brand names, prices, suppliers, websites, phone #'s etc. It would be greatly appreciated. I have found some info online about ultraviolet, inverse osmosis and normal chlorine treatment systems. The chemist that did the analysis says chlorination will do just fine but.....if you have better and/or simpler ideas on how to do it, feel free to menton them too. And any thoughts on softening and water heating will be appreciated too as well as equipment and brands used, prices. It should be mentioned that I have a solar energy system as the main power source. I thought about posting this on the building in Mexico page too but want to keep everything under one thread and not complicate or duplicate things. I will let the moderator decide whether it should be moved to that locale.



Jul 7, 2003, 7:50 AM

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Re: [Jim in Cancun] Domestic Water filtration system info please

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Hi, Jim, I can't give you brand names and the like - just my observation about chlorination vs. UV and filtration: we use a double filtration system: a paper type filter and a carbon filter, then the whole business goes under/past the UV light. Good results and no off taste in the water from the chlorine. My only complaint is that the water is kind of "flat" tasting although of excellent quality as far as sanitation concerns go.

David Eidell

Jul 7, 2003, 11:01 AM

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Re: [Jim in Cancun] Domestic Water filtration system info please

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For reasonable sterilization without the expense and hassle of reverse osmosis, two stage treatment is commonly used:

An activated charcoal filter eliminates large one cell critters like amoebae and protozoa, then a UV lamp kills off bacteria and virus (which pass through the filter media). It is important in tropical areas to service the primary filter frequently to eliminate clogging due to algae, or "slime".

It is recognized that not even super clorination is a hundred percent effective against amoebae, little buggers are tough and need to be filtered out.

Ozone sterilization kills everything and is perhaps the most bulletproof method of water sterilization (besides steam distillation) but it requires maintenance and can be hazardous if misapplied or installed incorrectly.

A killer water system, deionizes excess minerals (softener) for the entire house, passes through a reverse osmosis filtration step and then is saturated with ozone for water that is internally consumed.

Note: The tiniest trace of chlorine will destroy a reverse osmosis membrane
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