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Jun 13, 2003, 10:40 AM

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1 day must see/do mexico city

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If you only have 1 full day to stay on mexico city and you never been there, what would you do/see?



Jun 13, 2003, 11:52 AM

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Re: [juan] 1 day must see/do mexico city

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During the day, I would visit the Zocalo and the nearby colonia-era streets to the west and (just) to the north -- see the old Aztec pyramid near the Cathedral, perhaps one of the museums.

I'd probably look for some good Mexican food. In the centro area, there are several fun options: the Bar Opera has good food and a wonderful early-20th century atmosphere. Cafe Tacuba is also lovely, has pretty good food. And the Sanborns house of tiles is fun, with standard (in Mexico) food. It's a dense, city atmosphere there in the centro, though.

There are quite a few other good restaurants around. One of my favorites is down to the slightly more relaxed southwest: the Fonda San Angel (Not the more expensive San Angel Inn) which is on the lovely Plaza San Jacinto in San Angel. If you want to do an agreeable bit of souveneir shopping and you happen to be in Mexico City on a Saturday, an excellent idea is to visit that plaza in San Angel for the Bazar Sabado. There's an indoor market with expensive but often very nice things and an outdoor market with cheaper but still fun stuff. The Fonda san angel has traditional and modern-style Mexican food in a good atmosphere. Travel time from the centro to San Angel can vary wildly depending on the day and hour (i.e., the traffic).

Another fun place are the main plazas in Coyoacan, also in the southern part of the city. Lots of activity -- marketplace, etc. -- on weekends at the adjacent Plaza Hidalgo and Jardin Centenario. The restaurants right on the plaza are not that spectacular but there are a couple of good ones not far away (whose names I cannot, at the moment, recall. If you're interested, I'll ask -- one is a couple of blocks east of the plaza and the other is a bit further east, about a block from the Plaza Conchita and on Miguel Angel Quevedo). Just off the coyoacan plaza is the Museo de Culturas Populares, which often has fun exhibitions.

Also in the San Angel area, but a bit east of the plazas I mentioned earlier _ it's between Insurgents and Revolucion _ is a small mall with a restaurant called Clavo y Canela that has a very good buffet of Mexican food. in fact, there are lots of fine restaurants in that area.

Also in greater coyoacan is the Museo de las Intervenciones. Depending on your interests, that might be fascinating. It is located in the old Concento de Churubusco that was besieged by invading U.S. troops (the defenders including Irish-American defectors) and includes exhibits on foreign (often U.S.) interventions in Mexico.

If you are into anthropology or archaeology, the National Anthropology Museum at Chapultepec Park can be fun -- and there are some very fine restaurants nearby in Polanco. I spent two days at that museum on my first visit to Mexico. But if I had just a day, I think I'd be inclined to see an actual site -- such as the ruins in the Zocalo.

Ed and Fran

Jun 13, 2003, 1:38 PM

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Re: [jrice] 1 day must see/do mexico city

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I'm assuming this is in addition to your plan to see Teotihuacan?

JRice has already presented an extensive list with most of the things I would have suggested. A couple of comments or suggestions would be:

1. The Templo Mayor (the ruins just off the Zocalo) have a major museum associated with them. You go through the ruins then enter the museum (as part of the same admission). Depending on how closely you look at the stuff available, the tour through the ruins and museum could easily occupy the best part of a morning or afternoon.

2. The Museum of Anthropology is fabulous, but extensive. If you spend 3-4 hours there you'll see less than half what they have. Different rooms for each of the major cultures in prehispanic Mexico.

3. Chapultepec Castle - on the hill in the middle of Chapultepec Park - built as a military school (think Mexican-American War, Battle of Chapultepec, the Ninos Heroes), occupied by Maximilian and Carlotta as the royal residence, later the Presidential residence, now the Museum of National History. Great views, decent collection.

4. Tour the Cathedral (right on the Zocalo).

5. Tour the Palacio National (east side of the Zocalo) with the Diego Rivera murals.

6. Extend time in Mexico City to several days..........

E & F


Jun 14, 2003, 7:38 AM

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Re: [juan] 1 day must see/do mexico city

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The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe...the heart of Mexico.


Jun 14, 2003, 10:12 AM

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Re: [juan] 1 day must see/do mexico city

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Here are some places to see. Click on Mexico City below.

Mexico City

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Jun 14, 2003, 9:32 PM

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Re: [juan] 1 day must see/do mexico city

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There have been a lot of good suggestions, and with only one day it is wise not to try to do too much. I vote to spend half a day at the Zocolo, maybe have breakfast or lunch or a beer on the rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Majestic, over looking the Zocolo.

Beware of the Mexico City taxis, do not take roving taxis, only those called by a hotel. The airport and bus stations have a system where you buy a taxi ticket at the official taxi ticket windown, and take the ticket to the official taxi stand. Robberies of passengers are a problem, leave your credit cards in the hotel safe.
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