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Mar 1, 2003, 3:30 PM

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House Project Update for 01 March 2003

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We finished prepping the patio for the brick pavers which are scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday. We installed the patio lamps.

We got half of the stairs cleaned -- scrapped off dropped plaster, stucco, paint and general construction crud. I had planned to leave the stairs as just sealed concrete, but they look so bad, even cleaned, that I decided to tile them with Saltillo tiles on the treads and some colorful ceramics on the risers. Went to a brick and tile place today and looked at the far too many choices. There are so many nice things for the risers that I might just get crazy and have each riser different.

We bought interior paint and got the primer applied on the two north units. The ladies changed their minds again (3rd time) about the paint colors; but the die is cast now -- we bought the latest version before they could change it again. Smile

The cabinet maker did not show up on Friday as promised "for sure." Now he says for sure next Monday or Tuesday. Damn!!! Mad

Here is this week's website update:

Rolly Pirate

Ed and Fran

Mar 7, 2003, 2:51 PM

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Re: [Rolly] House Project Update for 01 March 2003

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Could use some advice on the pavers. We're ready to do the same with our patio. I've really wanted to use brick, but in our area all I can seem to find are the regular common brick that we used for the walls. They're rather irregular, which might not be all that bad, but they do seem rather soft (at least more breakable than I expected a paver to be, not being experienced with what a paver looks like) and uneven on the (flat) backside.

Our other choice seems to be concrete adoquin, either in the hexagonal pieces or the ones that have a slightly more complex (how to describe it escapes me for the moment but I expect you have seen them) shape.

I'd prefer the bricks, and am even considering going ahead and using them even if they turn out to be unsatisfactory in a couple of years. We're only talking about 30m2.

Bedding the pavers in sand? Any other tips, or just wait for the next installment?




Mar 7, 2003, 3:24 PM

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Re: [Ed and Fran] House Project Update for 01 March 2003

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The next installment will be up tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon/evening. It will have a couple of pictures and some details about how to prepare the ground.

There is an advantage to using common bricks -- you can lay them in patterns. The softness should not be a problem when they are set in sand. The interlocking brick pavers we are using are not much tougher than common bricks.

Rolly Pirate
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