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Feb 16, 2003, 12:25 PM

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Mexico Airport Hotel

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Does anyone knows about any good and low budget (at least less than 50 USD) hotels next to Mexico City Airport (MEX)?




Feb 16, 2003, 2:53 PM

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Re: [Agata] Mexico Airport Hotel

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will help you.

Saludos desde Guadalajara,



Feb 18, 2003, 7:28 AM

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Re: [Agata] Mexico Airport Hotel

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The Hotel Aeropuerto would probably fit your budget, more info below.


At the airport: The Hilton hotel is located above the International
section of the airport. The Mariott, tel 5133-0033, is reached by an
overhead walkway from a kind of storefront office near area C.
However, both of these hotels usually charge around $200 US per night.
Less expensive hotels can be reached by taxi or shuttle. The
cheapest nearby hotel is the Hotel Aeropuerto, around $25 per night,
which can be reached by walking past the metro station and taking the
overhead walkway to the other side of the road. I have not stayed
there, but I have heard reports that it is OK. The JR Plaza and the
Aeropuerto Plaza are located near the Hotel Aeropuerto, on the
Boulevard Aeropuerto. The JR Plaza and the Holiday Inn have free
airport shuttles, and charge around $100 US per night. The Wings
restaurant, between the JR Plaza and the Aeropuerto Plaza, is less
expensive than the hotel restaurants. I can report on the Mariott and
the JR Plaza, both good hotels. I prefer the JR Plaza, but the
Mariott is newer and fancier. The airport hotels are more expensive
than hotels in town, and far from the tourist attractions, so only
make sense if you are in transit and have an early or late flight.

Near the Zocolo: Hotel Canada, Avenida Cinco de Mayo No. 47, tel
5518-2106. The rooms are small, the price is reasonable, a half block
off the Zocolo (central plaza). It is very professionally run. Few
foreign tourists stay there. A short walk to the Cathedral or the
Templo Mayor museum.

Near the Alameda Park: Hotel Metropol, Luis Moya No. 39, tel
5521-4901, fax 5512-1273. This has been our favorite hotel in Mexico
City, large rooms, fancy lobby, very comfortable, but reasonably
priced. The Alameda Park is surrounded by some of the best museums,
such as the Franz Meyer and the Pallacio de Belles Artes.
Unfortunately, the neighborhood is not the best. Although the area is
busy during the daytime, a newspaper described the area as a ghost
town after dark. Drug dealers and robbers were reported to occupy
vacant buildings in the area. There is a proposal for urban renewal
in this area. (Novedades, Mexico city, July 11, 1999)

Note that the Hotel San Francisco is on the same block, Luis Moya No.
11. I have not stayed there, but it appears similar from the sidewalk,
and both are four-star hotels.

In the Zona Rosa: Everyone speaks well of the Maria Cristina,
although I have not stayed there. Rio Lerma No. 31, tel 5566-9688,
fax 5566-9194. The Zona Rosa is the fancy tourist zone.

The Casa Gonzalez is also often recommended. Rio Sena 69, in the Zona
Rosa, tel. 5514-3302. Less expensive than the Maria Cristina, $56 USD
for double in 2002.

Price: I believe that the Hotel Canada and the Casa Gonzalez are less
expensive, with the others somewhat higher. Note that pricing varies
depending on the exchange rate and other factors too subtle for me to
discern. I suggest calling a couple of places, getting prices, and
then choosing. (For instance, I have paid as much as $75 US at the
Metropol, and as little as $40. It is worth the higher price, and a
bargain at the lower price. I have paid $30 at the Canada, but
suspect that it is cheaper now.)

Taxis, Metro, and Security: Crime in Mexico City has doubled since
1994. Buy your taxi ticket at the ticket window at the airport, tell
the ticket seller what hotel you are going to, and then give the
ticket to the taxi driver after you are in the taxi. Usually $8 to
$10 US to desinations in the city. The bus stations have a similar
system. Do not take roving green beetle taxis or unofficial taxis, as
robberies of taxi passengers are a serious problem. As far as the
Metro (subway), I do not recommend it if you are carrying luggage or
valuables. The rules actually prohibit baggage, but the more
important issue is theft. A gringo with luggage makes a pretty obvious
target, and you could easily lose both your luggage and your wallet in
a few seconds. Put your credit and ATM cards, your passport, and
your valuables in the hotel safe.

Richard Ferguson

April 22, 2002
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