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Jan 24, 2003, 7:25 AM

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Mellow,cheap,stops near Matamoros?elsewhere

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. Id like to find a place not to far from Matamoros to cool my heals after 3 days on the bus. Id like to find some other stopovers in the rest of Mexico too. Thats where you come in. I am taking my fiddle with me and Im looking for mellow little towns where I can lay up and play. Also I enjoy writing poetry and travel journals. Id like to work on my Spanish a bit [its pretty rough now] so friendly towns would be a plus. Inexpensive areas would help with my budget. I'm planning to head to Guatamala[easy on the budget] but I'll be returning through Mexico too. Maybe I'll head down the west coast and return via the yucatan. Any Ideas are welcome. Thanks

The Old Gringo

Jan 24, 2003, 9:49 AM

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Re: [Addison] Mellow,cheap,stops near Matamoros?elsewhere

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A few years back I did a somewhat similar thing ( no fiddle). I traveled from Cd. Juarez to Guatemala over the span of a couple of months. I have also traveled from Matamoros to the Yucatan and back and from Matamoros over to the Pacific. I also happen to like little towns but on the Guatemala trip I didn't stop in many.

On one trip out of Matamoros I stayed in Victoria the first night. I didn't really investigate the town so I don't know much about relative "mellowness". All along highway 180 that skirts the coast there are interesting towns. Take a map but look out the window. If a town calls to you then get off the bus

I did linger In Vera Cruz. I really liked the ambiance, there is music and impromptu entertainment every night in the main plaza downtown. Vera Cruz is not a city I would call mellow but it is a lot of fun with a tropical "vibe". Great seafood and music.

A lot of the small towns are really inexpensive. South of Vera Cruz you might try San Andres Tuxtla or Catemaco. I believe I found Minatitlan/Coatzacoalcos to be inexpensive, although not exactly small towns.

You'll find that several of the small cities along the coastal route are "Pemex" towns with refineries and such.

Before heading to Guatemala I spent some time in Oaxaca which was also nice. I found Oax. more mellow than Vera Cruz, more "artsy" or bohemian. It was a great change from the steamy tropics.

Guatemala was also great. Like Mexico 30-40 years ago. One tip I would pass along is that it can get downright cold in a lot of the mountain towns. I had to buy some long sleeve shirts in the market. I saw the night temp drop to 49 in August in Quetzaltenango. Sometimes the mountains are shrouded in mist and clouds and the temp doesn't rise out of the 50s during the day. Guate is definitely cheaper than a lot of Mex. but with a less modern infrastructure.

You'll have fun. It'll be a priceless adventure. Enjoy.

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