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Jan 4, 2003, 1:36 PM

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Killfiles on Mexconnect

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 David: Isn't it about time that a 'killfile' function was added to Gossamer Forum and Mexconnect? Apparently it is real close technically:;search_string=killfile;guest=2629126#176211

If it is the cost of a plugin, I sure I will lead the line for donations.

Uncle Jack

Jan 5, 2003, 4:22 AM

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For us less technical types, what is a "killfile"?


Jan 5, 2003, 10:04 AM

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Re: [mysteriso] Killfiles on Mexconnect

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Good suggestion - and I appreciate the fact of your researching.

I have passed your posting on to Gossamer Threads.

Let's hope they can come up with such a set of anmals soon.

Explanation: Killfiles is a system whereby you can have individual posters postings blocked from your own view of the forums.
IE - by putting me in your Killfile settings, you will no longer see my postings in any threads.
Hopefully, you will have the option of either making me invisible to you (sad) or just the postings not being presented, but a bookmark showing that I posted something. (so that you could change your mind on the off chance I actually wrote something really good!)

David McL

Todd DF

Jan 10, 2003, 1:37 PM

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Re: [davidmcl] Killfiles on Mexconnect

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