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Jun 26, 2018, 6:35 AM

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What's the real story with living in Mexico?

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Hi Everyone

Don't really know where to start...Lived in Montreal my entire life. went to school here, got married to my high school sweetheart at 22 yrs old...(way too young)...managed to stay married for 46 difficult years,,and its time to move on.
I've been considering moving to a warmer climate where I could live off my measly pension...and I'm definitely considering Mexico..and as soon as possible...but I need help and advise...What's the real story with living in Mexico? What are safe expat areas? What's the chance of finding someplace to share with some one (a room mate)? I know there are many things I need to learn and do before |I can even consider the I welcome what ever advise you can offer .

Please help

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Jun 26, 2018, 9:30 AM

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Re: [NoelBlakley] What's the real story with living in Mexico?

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I think that the first suggestion would be for you to visit several likely retirement (not vacation tourist traps) locations in Mexico. Cities of all sizes, as well as very small ones, will offer many options. If you already speak French, you should precede your trip with a few months on, studying Spanish, which will come rather easily. Spend a week in each targeted place, wandering about and talking to people. Your explolratory trip may total 180 days in Mexico with a tourist permit, if you have your Canadian passport. Then, return to Montréal and think about what you have learned.If you dicide to make the move and live in Mexico, you will need to apply, and qualify for, a residence visa. The Mexican consulate in Montréal will be able to provide you with the details. You will need to show proofs of income/assets to qualify. Working in Mexico is prohibited for tourists. Temporary resident visa holders must have specific permissions from Immigration, for a specific job. Permanent residents may work with simple notification to INM.Enjoy your exploration. I suggest September through February, with two visits to each place to experience the different seasons. There will be heat and humidity extremes in coastal areas, but more stable and moderate climates in nearby higher elevations, from about 5000-7000 feet above sea level (about 1500-2200 meters). Some tourist areas on the coasts are rather deserted in the "off season", and tourist areas are always more expensive than other locations; many of which are within easy reach for mini-vacations. For example, we often visited Puerto Vallarta, and other Pacific beach areas, from our home in Chapala, Jalisco, which is convenient to uadalajara and has near perfect weather all year.


Jun 26, 2018, 3:11 PM

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Re: [NoelBlakley] What's the real story with living in Mexico?

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Here is a site that may help although I do not know what amount a measly pension is......this article's numbers are in USDs, not loonies or tunnies......
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