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Apr 24, 2018, 10:47 AM

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PVC Roofing Membrane

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Hello there! I need to completely remove and replace the roof of my home in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro. It is a “flat” roof made up almost entirely of bovedas (11). Based on research of different roofing materials used in the US, it seems that a PVC membrane roof would be the most durable for both waterproofing and against the INTENSE UVs we have at our high altitude.

My questions are:
1) Is this even a thing in Mexico available for residential in my pueblito an hour outside of Queretaro?

2) Is it fruitless to replace using PVC membrane as most roofing in Mexico is asphalt-based—including my existing roof? PVC membrane cannot come in contact with asphalt and even if I am removing all of the old roof entirely, I’m not sure what residues might remain.

3). Even if I find a manufacturer, am I going to be able to find someone capable and knowledgeable enough to install it properly? Everyone I have asked about PVC so far has told me that yes that they can install it, they use Fester all the time : /

Thanks in advance for any help! I want to know if I should continue my quest for PVC or put myself out of my misery and use whatever the basic material is that is being recommended in the quotes I am being given.


Apr 25, 2018, 8:36 AM

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Re: [Honeyrose] PVC Roofing Membrane

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The “membrana“ most frequently used in Mexico is a fiberglass mat, applied with “impermiabalazante“, a popular brand of which is Fester. We have used it, in its longest lasting formulation, with good results. Thorough cleaning and preparation of the roof is imperative. However, our roof was also boveda, but no asphalt was used. It was the original masonry and always sealed with various “impermiabalizante“ paint products for the last half century or more.
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