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Nov 22, 2017, 8:14 PM

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Amazon Mexico Purchase Report

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Here's an FYI for those who need something they can't find locally.

Last Friday I ordered a small electrical part that I've been unable to find in Mexico (a photocell to control outdoor LED floodlights, the Intermatic K4321C). The price (with shipping) at Amazon Mexico was US$4.25 higher than the price on Amazon US (sent to a US address).

DHL came to the house this evening at 8 pm with the part. That's five days for an item that Amazon did not stock in Mexico and had to import from the US.
The DHL tracking record is interesting. To summarize:
Friday: ordered from Amazon Mexico
Monday: shipped from Amazon US via DHL in Erlanger Kentucky. It's in DHL's Cincinnati hub at 11 pm.
Tuesday: arrives Guadalajara at 10 am, clears customs at 1 pm.
Wednesday: arrives Morelia at 6 am, delivered to the house in Pátzcuaro at 8 pm
If this is representative of their small additional cost and delivery speed, my days of ordering specialty items from Amazon US for delivery to some friend who is driving south from the US are numbered.

This is my fourth Amazon Mexico order, and in every case it arrived sooner than was promised, with a price close to the US Amazon price. With items that were stocked in Amazon's Mexican warehouse near Toluca, they arrived in two days via Estafeta. I'm amazed they can do it so quickly from the US via DHL.
In every case, I paid online with a Mexican credit card (I don't know if Amazon Mexico accepts US credit cards). For one large purchase, a two-line phone system, Amazon offered to split the payments over 12 months with no interest.Mark


Nov 23, 2017, 6:11 AM

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Re: [at7mbe] Amazon Mexico Purchase Report

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Another two-thumbs-up for On Monday night I ordered four small items, each from a different Amazon vendor. On Tuesday at about 1:00PM they were delivered to my door, all four in the same box, all four in perfect condition--just what I needed and at incredible speed. No shipping charges, as I am a Prime member. I paid for the items with a USA debit card--all of my shipping and payment information transferred automatically from my (USA) account.

Excellent service, a boon to everyone who uses the website.


Nov 24, 2017, 1:57 PM

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Re: [esperanza] Amazon Mexico Purchase Report

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Esperanza, did you use your US Prime membership with Amazon Mexico, or did you have to take out a separate Mexican Prime membership? I have US Prime, and it doesn't seem to be recognized in Mexico.

Incidentally, I received a private reply saying the speed of delivery of imported items depends on the seller. "If it is Amazon, I have the same experience as you. If the seller is not Amazon, but selling through their site, it can be a week or two. I asked for an explanation and was told it has to do with the customs paperwork and that they (Amazon) are working to fix it."

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