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Don Moore

Sep 19, 2017, 7:42 AM

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Mexconnect email

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For more than a decade I have used a Mexconnect email address. For the last several weeks I have been unable to receive mail at my mexconnect address, though i can send mail and do other operations. I have tried to get help from the administrator with no success. I have contacted Google because apparently google hosts the mexconnected email. Google sent me back to the Mexconnected administrator.

Does anyone else have a similar problem. Does anyone have a suggestion for a solution to my problem. I have probably received just a lot of junk, but I would like to know how to check.

Don Moore

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Sep 21, 2017, 11:04 AM

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Re: [Don Moore] email

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Hello Don;
The Mexconnect mail system has become so old and out dated that there isn't anyone left at the Developer who can work on it.
So, unfortuately, the system has begun to break down.
I suggest that you make a copy of all the addresses etc. that are important to you before it collapses completely.
There are only a few folk who are still using this email service and I have no way of identifying them to let them know.
So thanks Don for the opportunity to post this on the Forums.

David McL


Sep 22, 2017, 6:36 AM

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Re: [DavidMcL] email

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Yes Over the last two months I sent Tony two emails, which were never answered. I had a question about who he might recommend as a satellite dealer up North, and in the earlier or first email I asked him how the best way would be to contact you.

Now if Tony our great author were to have received same, he would have answered.

No problem, I found out the answer from down South. I wanted to know who he or you might recommend as a Shaw Direct satellite dealer on Vancouver Island or in the greater Vancouver area.

I found a company called KuSatellites from Quebec who have a great reputation who ships to both Canadian and US addresses.

Well anyway for those of us who are up North, at least the smoky air from all of the Forest fires in BC and WA has been replaced with light rain.


Sep 23, 2017, 6:41 AM

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Re: [johanson] email

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 ! You're correct, I never received those queries. Next time, please PM me or use Sr. Google to contact me via Geo-mexico or sombrero books, TB
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