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Apr 9, 2017, 1:09 PM

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Headed back to the USA

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Maybe someone knows the answer to the bizarre question?
My 35 yr old daughter is headed back to the US. She has been here on an FMM which she has renewed 3 times by flying out of Mexico. She originally arrived in her car 18 months ago and had a TIP. About a year ago she purchased the local license plate good only in Jalisco and Nayarit. She is concerned that once she leaves Mexico, because she allowed her TIP to expire by flying out and not taking the car out, that she will never be allowed to bring the car back in. Is this true? I thought if she puts her CA plates back on the front and back and drives out, they will remove theTIP from her windshield and she may lose the deposit, but I'm not sure about never allowing the car back in.
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Apr 9, 2017, 2:19 PM

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Re: [hunteradvisor] Headed back to the USA

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I doubt the “local license plate“ is truly legal, but she has definitely lost her deposit and her car is in Mexico illegally, as far as I can tell. I suggest that she apply for a retorno seguro, which will allow a five day window to leave Mexico, from the day it is issued, and that she drive only with her US plates when she departs.
That and ........ ˇBuena suerte!

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Apr 10, 2017, 9:25 AM

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Re: [hunteradvisor] Headed back to the USA

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Actually the question is not that bizarre.... I've heard much worse!

RVGringo is, of course, correct in saying the the only legal way to remove the vehicle from Mexico at this point is with the SAT Retorno Seguro (Safe Return) document. But since you are out in the boonies, getting that is going to make an already 'difficult' task even harder. I'd check 'local Boards' or people in the know around PV to see if there is someone who has done that recently; maybe as a 'Facilitator'.

And for clarification: just because she let her TIP expire (big-time) that does not 'flag' her as a non-desirable and cause her to forever be banished from bringing into Mexico that or another car. BUT, if she does not take that vehicle with the TIP still on the windshield (along with the ORIGINAL paperwork in hand!) to the border and cancel that TIP formally, she will probably meet just that fate. So her best course of action is to do just that 'soon'. And, yes, she long ago lost her deposit.

Can't comment on the 'local license plate' but would put my $s with RVGringo's comment. BUT what I would recommend is that she shed that plate and put her even-expired CA plates back on for any trip out of the area, especially a trip to the border. In other jurisdictions (in Guanajuato State for example) similar plates seem to pass muster but cops in neighboring states pull folks like that over if/when they venture into their jurisdiction. Expired US plates draw much less attention, if any. BUT, if she drives around in the States she will be doing so with expired plates and somebody may take exception.


Apr 11, 2017, 8:47 AM

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Re: [RickS] Headed back to the USA

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The regulations for Retorno Seguro have changed. It would be smart to investigate prior to planning on getting it. I think Yucalandia has a link.


Apr 11, 2017, 8:59 AM

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Re: [esperanza] Headed back to the USA

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esperanza, regulations have 'changed' in what respect, when? The last change was in 2015, shifting all processing to Mexico City rather than in local SAT jurisdictions.

If you are referring to something else, I/we would like to know what that may be.
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