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Feb 11, 2017, 6:51 PM

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RP residente with new passport

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Bueno tardes,

Mi nina has to renew her US passport as its only good for 5 years. She has RP like me. How do we notify INM? any forms or fees? or just walk in to nearest office? Also show both old and new passports at the airport?



Feb 12, 2017, 11:22 AM

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Re: [gatomex] RP residente with new passport

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I'm going to be interested in any reply that says you have to do this. The immigration law merely says you must give notice to INM in these circumstances:

Artículo 63. El Registro Nacional de Extranjeros, se integra por la información relativa a todos aquellos extranjeros que adquieren la condición de estancia de residente temporal o de residente permanente.

Los extranjeros tendrán la obligación de comunicar al Instituto de cualquier cambio de estado civil, cambio de nacionalidad por una diversa a la cual ingresó, domicilio o lugar de trabajo dentro de los noventa días posteriores a que ocurra dicho cambio.

or as I read it:

Article 63. The National Registry of foreigners is comprised of information relating to all those foreigners who acquire the condition of stay of a temporary resident or permanent resident.

Foreigners will have the obligation to communicate to the Institute any change of civil state, change of nationality different from when they entered, residence or place of work within ninety days after said change.

There is nothing in the immigration law that I can find about having to report a passport renewal, but maybe other departments have other rules. You can read more here:

And when you look at the available tramites at, the only five types of changes you can report are change of place of work, change of residence, change of nationality, change of civil state [married, divorced, etc.] and change of name. Nothing about changing passport number.

-- Mark


Feb 13, 2017, 12:04 PM

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Re: [gatomex] RP residente with new passport

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I have never notified INM when my US passport expired and I renewed it -- this was the case when I had an FM-3, a Residente Temporal visa, and a Residente Permanente visa. You use whatever passport is current when entering and exiting.

But, it never hurts to contact immigration directly if you're unsure.

Note that if your Residente Permanente daughter is a minor, she needs to update her status with INM every four years, until she's 18. At that time, she'd use her current passport for any tramites.
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