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Jan 14, 2017, 7:53 PM

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Getting Permission to Work in TV/Film

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Hello everyone, and thanks for all the informative discussions I've been reading lately. I've tried not to retread old ground here and apologise if I have.

In two months I plan to move to DF because I'm in love with the country. I've been researching work options in Mexico using as a resource official and non-official websites, forums such as this and my local consulate. My Spanish is OK but I would be fluent before looking for work. I know wages are very low and don't mind. After some digging I still have some unresolved questions that I was hoping someone would be able to answer either specifically or generally.

In my home country of Australia, I work in television and film post-production as an assistant editor. Although I would be happy teaching English I would like to one day transition into similar work. I know that in Mexico, obtaining a work visa requires a job offer from an INM-registered employer and a trip to a consulate outside Mexico (many here have said 'home country' but what I've read is to the contrary - please correct me if I'm wrong).

I am unclear however on what the chances are of finding work in this industry are as a foreigner and how exactly to go about it. Specifically:

I've heard here that the job must be something a national cannot do, however the consulate in Australia suggested there's no real limit except that the company should be registered with the INM. Are companies in this industry likely to be registered?

I have two years experience in the industry (I'm in my late 20s), a bachelor and a graduate diploma in related fields. Would this not be enough to be considered specialised and therefore attractive to the relevant government departments (again, this is a requirement I've heard secondhand, but I haven't been able to verify the criteria)?

Are work permits industry-wide or company based like in the USA? TV is often short-term, contract work. Would I have to re-apply for each contract? Are there any loopholes whereby someone can be granted to work as a freelancer within a certain industry to circumvent this?

What is the job market like for this kind of work, or in the media/communications industry (Including writing, PR etc) in general, especially for foreigners?

Thanks for your patience. Any kind of insight or tip welcome.


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