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Oct 13, 2016, 2:00 PM

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Part 4 - Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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I don't know whether my experience is typical or whether the Mexican government employees recognized me as God's Gift to Mexico and went out of their way to make it easier for me, but here it is so far:

1) Mid December 2015, I applied and obtained a Residente Permanente visa to the Mexican consulate in Sacramento the same day. Deposited all the paperwork I was told (in an earlier email from the consulate) was needed in the morning, and got my visa the same afternoon.

2) September 20, 2016. After having let the December 2015 visa expire without using it, I went to the consulate to ask for a second one. The consulate officer was reluctant, didn't seem to believe that I actually wanted to move to Mexico. But, in the end, agreed to grant me a new one.

3) On Thursday October 6, 2016, I went to the INM office in Tijuana (16000 Bulevard Insurgentes). They gave me a list of documents, told me about a small private "insurance" office near the gas station next door that can help me fill out the paperwork, the location of a bank (easy walking distance) where I can pay the fee. When I came back from the small private "insurance" office (where I paid $5 for the help), an INM officer looked over my paperwork, found some mistakes, told me how to correct them, and to come back with the mistakes corrected. I went back to the insurance office, got my application corrected, and came back to the INM office a couple of minutes before 1 PM (they close at 1 PM for new applications). This time everything seemed correct, and they gave me a receipt.

4) Yesterday, I received an email notification from the INM. I logged into their online system, and found a letter that seemed to indicate that my application has been approved. Today, Thursday October 13, exactly one week after my initial visit to the INM office, I went back with three pictures (two front, one side profile), and asked what to do next. They made me sign a few more pages (one of them is a copy of that approval letter I saw online yesterday), took my pictures, took my fingerprints, and told me I can come pick up my card next Thursday, or any day thereafter, 1:30 to 2:30. The guy didn't seem to be sure about the next Thursday part, as he initially told me 5 to 10 days. Since I am in no hurry, I will probably wait the full 10 days before going back.

I haven't done any other step. I decided to wait until I have physical card in hand, with my picture in it, before doing any other formalities (CURP card or number, whatever that is, opening a bank account, IMSS, etc.)
God's Gift To Mexico

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Oct 14, 2016, 9:03 AM

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Re: [GodsGiftToMexico] Part 4 - Recent experiences in INM and Consulate office

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You should be able to see your CURP on the new RP card, once you receive it. Good luck!
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