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Jul 12, 2016, 8:03 PM

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The Oaxaca Blockade

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This weekend we had what might be called a family reunion. Over 20 years ago, a girl from Durango lived with us for two years while she studied at the community college. When we return to our old town, we usually stay with her.

About 8 years ago, they had an exchange student live with them for one year They had not seen her in 6 years, except Internet stuff.

When our former student said she was coming to visit us in rural Puebla, we were enthused. As the time got closer, they said they had planned to visit their former student in Oaxaca, but he, the husband, had said we are not going there. So, I suggested they invite her to travel to our house for the weekend. To my surprise, she did.

I had met her during her house stay maybe 8 years ago, so I also wanted to see her again.

What a great weekend! We operate by the house party rules our daughter taught us. Whatever you want to do, you get to do. You want to read a book; you read a book. You want to go for a walk; you go for a walk. You want to eat; you eat You want to sleep; you sleep. No mandatory activities!

The two boys, now 8 and 13, were like little brothers to her, now much older, of course. She actually slept in their room with them.

She came because they had taken down the blockade on the highway. She rode 4 hours from Oaxaca to Tehuacan on a kombi, got there at midnight and stayed at a hotel until the next morning; then took a local bus the several hours to our town. We communicated by phone or text when she had a signal.

Yesterday, she had to go back. To her surprise the blockade was on again.

She said, no sweat; you get out of the bus or kombi and walk through the blockade maybe 45 minutes, then take a taxi to where you are going.

We took her to Tehuacan and away she went. She got there just in time for her grand-father's funeral. No problem except for the 45 minute walk, and she is a strong walker.

My wife thinks our house is really bad, but they all said it was very nice. The only real weakness besides our chickens crowing in the night was our big room which is 60 feet long has only a cement floor. But, they really didn't mind at all, and they are already talking about future reunions here. What a great weekend!!!


Jul 12, 2016, 9:41 PM

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Re: [RuralPuebla] The Oaxaca Blockade

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Great story, RP!


Jul 17, 2016, 12:59 PM

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Re: [RickS] The Oaxaca Blockade

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Thank you. With a great experience like this long weekend, it writes itself.
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