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Jan 19, 2016, 7:16 AM

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Arms Length/Contract Employment

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My wife and I are looking to buy a place in Cozumel in about 5 years. I've done a good bit of research on the buying process, and feel reasonably comfortable with my understanding of that aspect.

The property would serve as a vacation property for us until we retire, and upon retirement we would live there ~6 months per year. We have no plans to ever live there full time.

My question is -

How does one avoid becoming an employer while maintaining a property they aren't living in full time?

How does one avoid becoming enmeshed in the labor laws, while still observing all Mexican legalities and hiring people to get work done?

Don't want to get involved in this sort of situation ( and want to adhere to all local law.


Jan 19, 2016, 7:54 AM

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Re: [aborgman] Arms Length/Contract Employment

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First: Jill and Malcolm were not typical expats. Their experience is somewhat unique.

They were very young, idealistic, inexperienced, innocent, naive, overly-trusting, well-meaning, trust-fund babies who celebrated spontenaiety and relished impulsive exciting choices.

e.g. Their beach-front home is currently (the only one in the area) being slowly consumed by the sea, with every high tide ~ as their house juts-out much further onto the beach than any of the other properties within that mile stretch of Yucatan coast ~ as high tide waves regularly lap at the foundation.

Would you buy a property that juts-out significantly closer to the sea than any of the neighboring properties - in an area where houses are built on pure sand (an old sand bar) with absolutely no rocky coast in the area .... on a beach was notorious for eroding rapidly in the prior years? ... I suspect not. You seem to exercise practical caution.

By your 'doing your homework' , and by asking your questions: You are already ahead of the game that Malcolm & Jill dove-into.

If you do not want to be an employer, then

- Get a professional property management service.

- Do NOT give personal loans to the people who work on your property.

- Do NOT pay the personal bills nor personal expenses of the people who work on your property.

- Do NOT try to treat the people who work on your property as if they are your family members.

Instead: Dialogue with some of the reliable old-timers on the Cozumel on-line forums to find out which property management services have been professional and reliable.

Happy Trails,
Read-on MacDuff
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