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Dec 28, 2015, 2:04 PM

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Acros oven LP to natural gas conversion?

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We have an Acros slide-in oven that was configured for LP and purchased at a local Queretaro Home Depot. Recently our neighborhood converted to NG. So, we need to change out the orifices (esprea) in the appliance to use with NG.
I've been searching high and low for factory parts (Acros/Whirlpool service centers) or universal parts (online appliance parts websites) and local hardware and plumbing shops. Strange that we are not getting anyone who can ID the parts and supply them. As far as I can tell Acros is a Whirlpool made brand here in Mexico (maybe I am wrong about that). So, I also was trying to cross-reference Whirlpool parts and models but to no success.
So far, we get responses (even from the service center) that the parts are universal or that the parts can be "resized" by redrilling them or to "bring them in and we'll find a generic one (small or large).....Not filled with confidence so far. Orifices must be a specified size for several reasons and all the answers so far seemed to be "its close enough" kind of response.
The only thing that is marked on the part itself and referenced in the owners manual for the correct size orifices are:
# 58 (0.042") , # 56 (0.046"), # 55 (0.052"), # 52 (0.063")
Has anyone done this conversion on their oven and found the correct size orifices for them online or local? We are in Queretaro. Thanks for any leads!


Dec 28, 2015, 4:48 PM

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Re: [simon] Acros oven LP to natural gas conversion?

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Maybe try Acros' official service line:
01 - 81 - 8329 - 2100
Read-on MacDuff
E-visit at
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