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Nov 4, 2015, 10:23 AM

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Annual Aguinaldo and Vacation Pay Requirements for Our Mexican Friends

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As all the Christmas holiday chatzkies are appearing on store shelves, and as we make our holiday plans ... It's time to remember our beloved household help and employees (including muchachas y mozos).

Please plan ahead to pay them their end of the year Aguinaldos by December 20'th. (and to also pay for their vacation days)

This pay is NOT an optional bonus. Our Mexican workers and their families count-on and depend on these critical annual payments owed to them. ... and as a dear friend notes:

" I like to pay the aguinaldo and vacation pay well before the due date so that they have a chance to shop before the stores all jack up their prices. And they do all jack up their prices because they know people have money to spend after receiving their “bonus”.

Paying them what's owed well before the Dec. 20'th deadline may even allow them to take advantage of "Buen Fin" big discounts.

Basically the Aguinaldo is 15 days of "Daily Rate"** pay for workers who worked the full year. (calculated on a 7 day work wk)

... and annual Vacation pay varies from 6 days of "Daily Rate" pay for the first year, increasing for longer service, up to 26 days "Daily Rate" salary for employees working 35 years or more for you.

See details at:

Happly Trails,
**The Ley Federal de Trabajo defines the "Daily Rate" as basically what you pay the worker every week ... divided by 7 days a week. e.g. A muchacha who cleans your house 2 times a week for the whole year, for $350 per cleaning, receives $700 pesos total per week. ...
"Daily Rate" => $700 / 7 = $100 pesos per day for her "Daily Rate".

For a full year aguinaldo payment: 15 days x $100 pesos per day = $1,500 pesos aguinaldo payment owed annually.
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