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Oct 7, 2015, 1:31 PM

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Re: [AlanMexicali] US citizens entering Mexico with felony convictions

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Can't really determine just where the information came from (RFID or internal files in their software) but a CBP officer at LAX knew that my very first entry into the US using a US Passport was in 1949. I had a sneaking hunch that he could see a record of each and every exit or entry in my life? Personally, I could care less what is on my record because they never hassle me and their most intrusive activity has been a few random comments or questions.

The RFID chip has the same information as written in the passport. The chip with your ID number directs it to a central data base where it pops up on their screen to read. I doubt airlines can ever do this but they do have to notify at least 2 hours ahead of departure CBP your name and passport by logging into the Homeland Security webpage they are given with the information required by law.

The new system of checking passports entering TJ from San Ysidro, San Diego.

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Oct 8, 2015, 6:14 AM

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Re: [chinagringo] US citizens entering Mexico with felony convictions

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The USA has been tracking border crossings for years. All that information is kept on computers. All those computers are connected to the internet. All those CBP officers you are talking to when entering have internet access. They can check your information and anything else online that law enforcement might want to look at. Bet they have meta search engines that can check multiple databases in seconds.

The airlines collect passport data when flying in or out of the USA. They turn these passenger manifests over to CBP. The CBP officer probably knows who you are when you step up to the immigration booth at USA airport you just flew into. Imagine what would happen if there are 100 people on a manifest and only 99 checked in. CBP RED ALERT

Drive in by land and your picture is taken from a dozen cameras. All stored in a computer.

Mexico is attempting to track and control the movement of people across her borders. Mexico has been computerizing their land crossing the last several years. It is probably completely finished including internet access. When Mexico changed from FMT's to FMM's , that was a turning point. FMM's are bar-coded and scanned. I think I read an article a couple of months ago that Mexico was now requiring the airlines to provide complete ,up to date, passenger manifests. There are cameras everywhere taking your picture with them being stored on a computer somewhere.

The frontier zone of Mexico is disappearing. 1st it was the 21km checkpoints. Now San Ysidro is the first to change the policy of free flow of people into Mexico. The rest of the land border will follow suit. In a decade, entering Mexico could be the same type procedure it is to enter the USA. It is at the airports

You can bet that Mexico and the USA are sharing information with both having access to common databases.

Good luck to the OP and have a great vacation.
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