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Sep 9, 2015, 1:42 PM

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Temporary Import Permit & Border Crossing Questions

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Hello all,

My partner and I will be traveling across the US for the next month and will be entering into Mexico @ the Tuscon/Nogales border entry mid-October with our RV and SUV in tow. Once we cross, we will stay in Mexico for 6 months as we will be overseeing the completion of our house just south of Puerto Vallarta. I've done all the research I possibly could to make sure we have all our bases covered, but want to make sure I'm not missing anything. If I could get confirmations on the below questions or advice on anything I may have missed, it would be greatly appreciated.

1) We will have the original & copies of the following forms/documents: passport, tourist permit, driver's license, Temporary Import Permit (TIP) (for both RV & SUV), RV title, SUV title, RV registration, SUV registration & International Credit Card.
2) I also heard that the RV TIP is good for 10 years. Is that true? I know the vehicle TIP is only good for 6 months.
3) Our SUV will be bought within a week of crossing, would there be any issue acquiring the TIP @ the border? I was told there wouldn't be any issue with this.
4) Is it true that we can get our tourist permits at the immigration office at the border?
5) Anything else we may have missed regarding crossing over?

Thanks in advance!



Sep 9, 2015, 4:27 PM

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Re: [GringoJoe22] Temporary Import Permit & Border Crossing Questions

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Couple of questions and thoughts....

Your #1 sounded like you already have the TIPs but then you are asking about getting one at the border so I'm assuming you don't.

I haven't heard that anything has changed about getting a 10-year TIP for an RV. So yes. Maybe someone will speak up. Do I remember that the SUV must be 'detached' and someone drives it across (not like a car pulling a cargo trailer where they are considered 'one unit'). Can't remember if both RV and car can belong to one person or whether your partner will have one and you the other.

To get the TIP(s) you will probably want to use a credit card (although the cash option is available). If you use a credit card, the name on the credit card must be EXACTLY like the name on the title... Bill vs William is a no-go. William Doe vs William J. Doe might also cause a problem.

There can be no lien on the title(s) without a letter from the lienholder giving permission to drive in Mexico (which is generally very hard to get them to do). You can use either a title or a Registration card to get the TIP.

Since you (probably) won't have a title for the SUV that quickly, make sure you have that car registration card for it and again that the name matches the credit card. Other 'sales' documents will help you if there is a question about it.

Don't forget to have/get Mexican insurance on each. Easy to do online prior to crossing or for more expense at the border.

Yes, get the Tourist card at IMN office which is generally where the TIP can be acquired also. Preferred crossing at Nogales is the Mariposa crossing west of downtown. Full service. One can get pesos in the shopping center around the intersection of I19 and W. Mariposa Rd. You'll need some for tolls/fuel. There are also several motels "at" that intersection if you plan on staying over to get an early morning start into Mexico.


Sep 9, 2015, 5:23 PM

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Re: [GringoJoe22] Temporary Import Permit & Border Crossing Questions

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I do not understand this line "Our SUV will be bought within a week of crossing"
Does it mean you are crossing with your RV and within a week you will drive your SUV into Mexico??????

Last year at KM21 I was asked to show US and Mexico auto insurance, that never happened before...........

I stay at Motel 6 in Nogales cuz they are dog friendly.......

I cross at the Mariposa Truck Crossing which opens at 6 AM and follow signs to KM 21 where you get your FMM and they have a guy there to make a copy of it for 25 cents......They also have Casa de Cambios there also......
I will be driving to Nayarit Oct 20th.......have fun
Ocanahua, Jalisco
San Mateo, California

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