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Sep 8, 2015, 2:47 PM

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I am a recent permanent resident living in Playa del Carmen. I am in the process of buying a used car and would appreciate any information on Insurance companies that are recommended. Please give me the good, the bad and the ugly.
Is it better to go to the company direct or have an agent. It seems there are lots of expats here that want to sell me insurance.


Sep 8, 2015, 4:16 PM

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It might be different where you are, but my understanding where I am is that it is the agent who goes to bat for you when and if there are problems with the insurance company paying up and you want the best agent you can find. Probably best to ask around there for personal recommendations.


Sep 10, 2015, 2:55 PM

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MAPFRE received the highest score of auto insurers based on a study by CONDUSEF, the Mexican federal agency for the protection of financial institution clients. and

Eight companies that offer the poorest service and value CONDUSEF listed as
- Seguros Banamex con calificación de 3.02

- ACE con 3.90 (ACE includes the former ABA/Ally Bank)

- El Águila Compañía de Seguros con 4.78

- RSA con 4.95

- BBVA Bancomer Seguros con 5.07

- Seguros Multiva con 5.14

- Quálitas con 5.38

CONDUSEF's ratings do show varying results over time. Its earlier release for 2015 listed, as the best companies,

General de Seguros, con calificación de 9.30

- Seguros Banorte con 9.29

- GNP con 8.38 .

Anyhow, the listing are worth perusing. Qualitas appears to be the first choice of taxi driver owners in Mérida.

I hope having a good agent is the winning number. My Merida agent, one popular with the expat community, moved me to RSA after one year with the German firm HDI. I did not move with sufficient speed when renewal time came around this year, and so she stuck me with RSA again. Royal Sun Alliance is a British firm that at least many years ago had a reputation in the USA for stalling on claims. It is on the current list of poor providers. I have marked my calendar to switch companies and agent next year!

The agent's employees very helpfully provided me with a plastic card with my RSA policy number blank. The card is supposed to be used to call for the road service RSA offers. Only problem, the service is only offered in Mexico´s three largest metropolitan areas. (If anyone knows of country-wide service, please tell me; I suspect it might be GNP, perhaps the company with the most policy holders.)

The only proof of insurance I have to offer any inquiring police officer is a compuer printout that I could have produced at home, none of the seals etc beloved by Mexican officials. (HDI and ABA in a prior year had at least provided a handsome receipt of insurance coverage.)
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