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Aug 4, 2015, 10:47 AM

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Tube Audio Gear, Etcetera. etcetera. etcetera.

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Yul Brenner I'm not.

Considered posting to the Technical area of Mexconnect, so mods, if this ain't the place, please move to appropriate area.

Just spent a week in Puerto Vallarta (Jul 18 - 25). Very hot & humid this time of year.

Anyway, my niece, her girlfriend friend and I spent practically an entire day looking at rentals.

Got me to thinking about my own potential move to Mexico. As much as I'd love to keep my existing speakers, I'm not sure they would survive the trip unless I transported them myself in my own vehicle. That means driving my 2014 VW Jetta. Speakers weigh 60 lbs. each and are very smooth and awkward to handle, so it takes two people to move one speaker. Looks like I may have to find smaller bookshelf type speakers. I also have a rather large Audio CD collection.

As for the electronics, I have solid-state gear at the moment but have been considering a tube integrated amplifier. Anyone with a tube audio setup in Mexico?

I've been told you don't want to bring anything into Mexico that looks like you might be selling it. Which presents a potential quandary: I keep the original boxes in the event of a move; so taped up in original packing/boxes, they could easily be construed as new. Ditto for my computer gear.

I can't imagine transporting this stuff without the original boxes.
Dwain (aka Lilmsmaggie)

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