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Jun 3, 2015, 9:48 PM

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need advice on changing from Permit to work to Perm Res

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So, this year marks my four years working in Mexico. Last year, I was told by immigration that I would change to Permanent Resident this year (in three weeks). My car had the permit on it, and we were told that the permit continued to be good as long as my work visa was good (4 years now). So, I am changing, and I read that I needed to export my car or import it. It is not ten years old, I live a long way from the border, but I live in Manzanillo at a sea border entry. 1) Can I import it at a sea entry point? 2) Do I have to change from teaching to perm res so that I can retain my car here? I wonder if I start the four year process over, does that leave me open to going and getting a new tag anyway? Rolly Brook usually passed this information on to us on Facebook, but unfortunately, he passed away recently. I am hoping there is someone out there with the same experience or knowledge who can take the reigns and help us unfortunate people who rely on Mexconnet for the answers. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


Jun 4, 2015, 9:40 AM

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Re: [kwatts7304] need advice on changing from Permit to work to Perm Res

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As soon as you become Residente Permanente, your vehicle becomes illegal and you are not permitted to have a foreign plated vehicle in Mexico. Importation is not a viable option, so you will have to remove the car from Mexico and sell it in the country in which it is registered; the USA, I assume, so consider CarMax at San Antonio, TX, for a quick sale and easy access to either a bus or plane back to Guadalajara and beyond.
If you wait until after becoming Residente Permanente, you will have to get a Retorno Seguro to take the car out within a 5 day period from the date of issue, so be ready to move.
You will be happier with a locally plated car anyway. Fewer hassles and easier border crossings.
Bite the bullet; we all had to.
Residente Permanente includes the right to work; you just notify INM of your job and location.

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