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Mar 19, 2015, 5:49 PM

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Quetero (?) best time to plan a trip ?

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Looking to expand our horizons. Passed through a couple years back pulling a trailer and had no time to look around. Here today the low was forecast at 19 - there 10. I prefer wearing shorts. What month of the year should we plan our trip ? Thanks


Mar 19, 2015, 6:08 PM

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Re: [cuerna1] Quetero (?) best time to plan a trip ?

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Who is to say since it may just boil down to your own personal preferences? A few years back, we visited for 5 days in August and didn't have a single day washed out by rains. However, the rains in the general area were bad enough that the cuota heading north was washed out and we had to drive the older libre going back to Puebla. Our impression was that should you choose to travel during "prime tourist season", then you will have that irritant. I think it is how you plan to travel the area and your activities. Since we prefer driving our own vehicle, we were able to slip and slide around the tourist groups and truly enjy ourselves!
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Apr 22, 2015, 3:26 PM

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Re: [cuerna1] Quetero (?) best time to plan a trip ?

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Hello cuerna1,
Queretaro has long been called The Jewel of Colonial Cities (La Joya de La Ciudades Coloniales). It's a fascinating and wonderful place to be all year round.
December, January and mid-February are chilly enough to warrant a windbreaker in the evenings. The temperatures can go down as low as 10C at night and remember, no furnaces.
Spring usually springs mid-February with mauve Jacaranda trees in blossom all over the state. Bring out your shorts and sandals!
The hottest month is May, so avoiding direct sunlight from 2 to 4 pm is best. It's a good time to sip a cold one in one of the many cool interiors or in the shade or at a sidewalk café under the arched ceilings on Plaza de Armas. There's always a breeze. The rainy season begins in May, with showers around 4pm in the afternoons every 3 or 4 days, working nicely to clean, cool and refresh.
The Summers here, June, July, August, September and into October are the epitome of "a perfect Summer's day" and without mosquitos!
That said, we had a really weird, irregular downpour for four cold days in January and again once in March this year. Locals get upset if their are any clouds in the morning, which only happens if the coasts are being pummeled by hurricanes. No hurricanes here, or tornadoes, or earthquakes or tsunamis. Life is good!
Hope this helps you in choosing a season!
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