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Dec 21, 2014, 11:18 AM

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End of long distrance telephone charges within Mexico - Jan 1 2015

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January 1 we are to see the end of long distance telephone charges within Mexico, according to IFETEL, the federal regulator of telecommunications.

The above is a straight line fact. Below represents my perhaps faulty understanding...

Apparently not yet determined are the interconnection rates that the dominant carrier, America Movil (Telcel and Telmex) can charge their competitors.

In the past Carlos Slim's companies have thumbed their noses at federal regulators. We never saw a unified rate for the Yucatan peninsula what we saw was a peninsular plan that allowed calls within the pensinsula, but inability to call from outside the peninsula with such a plan, except with a new Telcel plan that came out, I believe in 2014. On a Telcel pre-paid plan, I believe my local and national cellphone calls are charged a flat 0.98 pesos (plus 16% IVA).

Regulators required cellphone users to register themselves, Telcel ignored that, if my memory serves me right.

Interconnection rates were supposed to have been fixed also, yet it appears that they are still up in the air. As the dominant carrier (see the El Financiero story url below), America Movil can continue to cripple competition through manipulation of interconnect rates.

Despite the new requirement for unified rates, an article in the Dec. 21 Por Esto expects rates to increase by an unspecified amount to compensate the telecommunications companies. (I have no url for this as I read it in hard copy.)

Mexico's nonsensical patchwork of different prefixes depending on whether callling from and to cell phones and land lines, and local 044 or non-local 045 (land lines to cellphones) and 01 or 02 to landlines, well, all that continues.

Unification of rates makes sense, as it has for domestic cellphone charges within the USA. Voice call transmission is automated, virtually elminating operators and the old mechanical relays, etc. In that light, there is really, to my point of view, no justification for charging higher rates for distance.
IFETEL legal document:
IFEETEL press release:

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