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Oct 2, 2014, 3:52 PM

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Does anyone recognize this family? Ignacio, and his son Nesare (5), step-daughter Mirari (6), and stepsons Manuel (8), and Alan (11) moved into a abandoned shack next door to us 10 months ago in Amelco Nuevo, Veracruz. From the very first when the kids began to go on walks with us every afternoon to run our dogs, we really liked them and became close. We started to home-school them when we realized that they had not been to school for several years. Ignacio fled with the kids shortly after learning that he would soon be expected to enroll the kids in school this Fall and provide proper documentation for them.
After many serious complaints from the community about Ignacio, a state-wide advisory charging Ignacio with child neglect, physical abuse, and pedophilia was issued for the state of Veracruz. We think Ignacio fled initially to Cuatzacualcos where his niece provided him with bus fare money but by now after almost 3 months he could be anywhere in Mexico. Though Ignacio took the kids secretly out of Amelco in the middle of the night back on July 9th, the police have not been able to find him.
We would appreciate any suggestions on how to locate this family. We have put the photograph and story of the family on Facebook, Twitter, and now Mexico Connect. Are they any human rights organization in Mexico that might help? We have come to love these kids as our own. They need to be put in protective custody and out of harms way as soon as possible. They deserve a better life than what they are getting!


Jim and Mindy Phyers


Oct 9, 2014, 8:46 AM

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Re: [solarhaven] HOW CAN WE FIND THIS FAMILY?!

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Last Saturday someone from Amelco saw Ignacio in El centro in Jalapa! He exchanged pleasantries with Ignacio, and each went their separate way. DIF in Apazapan was contacted immediately, and the staff speculated that Ignacio was most likely"employing" the kids on the streets to beg and steal. DIF said they would go to El Centro this week and look for the family. The man who saw Ignacio walks miles every day soliciting donations for an umbrella charity organization. Being somewhat mentally retarded, he could not remember exactly where in El Centro the encounter took place or even a general area of El Centro.

We would much appreciate anyone who is in El Centro, Jalapa, to keep at eye out for the family! IF you spot the family, please call Yrma Contreras at the DIF office in Apazapan with the location information! Her phone numbers are: 2791100080 (office), 2791085499 (personal).

While not anywhere near as big an area as all of Mexico for Ignacio to hide in, El Centro is still a mighty big place, and we need as many people as possible out there looking for him and the kids. The formal and fully legal "denuncio" against Ignacio had been completed, and the police are authorized to arrest Ignacio not just hold him for questioning. The kids of course will be put immediately into protective custody.


Jim and Mindy Phypers
Amelco Nuevo
Veracruz, Mexico


Oct 9, 2014, 10:23 AM

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Re: [solarhaven] HOW CAN WE FIND THIS FAMILY?!

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I would guess every DIF is a litle different but do not put all your eggs in the sme basket and think DIF is a long term solution.

My cleaning lady in San Cristobal has a grand son , he is the son of an alcoholic father and a psychofrenic mother. The kid is about 5 years old. .After he was born the baby was left without food or clothes by the mother soh e got pneumonia and almost died then the mother disappeared , the father was nowhere in sight so the grand mother got the baby.
The mother came back tried to kill the grand mother and got a court order against the grand mother The mother got the kid back and disappeared so DIF got the kid. The mother was found shaved , naked and raped in the jungle and was put in an institution and so on and so forth, last year the grand mother was panicked because the police had come, taken the mother one more time and the child had disappeared. I helped the grandmother ans spent two days calling all kinds of institutions and hospitals and went to the MP then the kid was found and DIF took over trying to get the grand mother to take the kid.
She refused, saying, she could not afford him and was afraid that the mother would come after her again when she got out. DIF gave the grand mother a horrible time but the grand mother wants to have the child put up for adoption or in an orphanages to have a "decent" life away from all this mess
. The child was in an institution for a year and now is back on the street with the crazy mother...if the father or family wants to fight for the kids they will have them period. That is what DIF does .

If he goes to jail the kids will be in an institution for a while but if the father is using themand wants them back he will get them back. The rights of the kids are irrelevant, it is all about the parents right and it can be a real nightmare.

I hope these poor kids get taken out but I would not have too much hope long term..Pretty sad but the country is full of these sad stories.
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