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Jun 23, 2014, 3:42 PM

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Mexico 3, Croatia 0

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Am completely new to international football. Have to say, the Mexico- Brazil tied game captured my interest. Today's win by Mexico over Croatia and the latter's few but nasty fans was not as exciting a match, still a good watch.

Following my father, I have never watched spots. Figured it was a big waste of time. Preferred to fritter or utilize my time otherwise. As for football U.S. style, all I ever saw, when in friends' homes where the TV was glued to US football, was, between the numerous commercials, massive bodies slamming into eachother. Often I had no sight of the ball until the network replayed the action. With international football, world cup style, could always follow the action. And the action keeps going, as does the clock, until half-time. With US football, like baseball, it always seemed there was more time for the ads then for the game.

For anyone who has not been in Mexico, or another World Cup contender nation, incredible to watch traffic die and pedestrians clear off the sidewalks during the games. Between games, whew, folks rushing about, food stores jammed.

The little I paid attention to Mexico's chances before, most folks sounded hopeful without too much conviction. Even the tv sports folks sounded like they were trying to sell a bill of goods. But, attitudes really changed, spirits went high (am not just talking about the alcohol consumption), as Mexico seemed to have the edge over Brazil. And then, well, 3-0 over Croatia, was the Mexico team fans sang Cielito Lindo!

La Isla

Jun 23, 2014, 5:23 PM

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Re: [Aaron+] Mexico 3, Croatia 0

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I'm not usually a soccer fan either, but this year Mexico is doing so well that I've become quite involved in watching the games and following Mexico's rising star. I live in Mexico City quite near El Angel, which is a tall monument to Mexican Independence where people gather for political demonstrations, concerts and celebrations. There was a huge crowd there today after the game was over, according to El Universal around 40,000 people were there! Lots of singing and shouting of slogans and jumping around and lots and lots of happy faces. The positive energy was a wonderful thing to feel!

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Jun 23, 2014, 5:32 PM

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Re: [Aaron+] Mexico 3, Croatia 1

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Score was 3-1, not 3-0!

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