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Jun 8, 2014, 12:27 PM

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Third party ADSL modem instead of Telmex rental

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Hi, I'm trying to get a little info or at least pointed in the right direction regarding Telmex internet service in San Jose del Cabo. My parents have the Infinitum Conectes package which I think is the lowest tier of service and promises 3Mbps. It is ADSL and they currently have the Telmex provided rental modem/router combo, a Thomson Alcatel 585v7. They've had it for a couple years at least, so I believe they'd be able to get a new modem, but I would prefer to just buy one myself so that I know exactly what they are getting in terms of hardware, firmware, and not being a refurb unit. I also would much prefer separate modem and router instead of the combo unit. My questions:

1.) Ignoring all other considerations, is it technically possible to use a third party ADSL modem with Telmex service? In other words, is there some kind of certificate or encryption key hardcoded into the Telmex-provided equipment that makes it impossible to use any alternative device?

2.) Is there any web page I can find out what modem(s) are available as Telmex rentals? Between my broken Spanish and the technical content of the topic, I haven't had much luck trying to call Telmex and ask.

3.) Is it safe to flash a firmware update to the rental modem? I've done a factory reset and no configuration information was lost so I think it's probably ok. I just don't want to flash new firmware and then find out it won't authenticate or something.

Thanks for any help at all anyone can give! There is a real lack of any technical information in any language on the Telmex site, and virtually none in English anywhere I can find, so it's tough trying to play IT guy down here!

johanson / Moderator

Jun 8, 2014, 3:46 PM

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Re: [bg3lares] Third party ADSL modem instead of Telmex rental

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This is not an answer to your question, because sadly I don't know the answer. What I can tell you is, in my part of Mexico, the greater Guadalajara, Lake Chapala area, less than 50% of the customers are getting speeds anywhere closed to what is promised, when they promise Hasta or up to 3 megs down.
I have the next package up (up to 5 Megs down) and when I go into my 3 or 4 year old Thomson modem, I'm one of the few whose settings are set to give me at least 5 megs down. About 80% of those I know who pay for the five get much less
My point, I'm guessing that your parents are getting much slower service than they are paying for. You might want to get then to enter their older Thomson modem at and check what speeds they are set for, which is possibly much less than what they are paying for
Another point, the newer modems that Telmex is giving out are very poor quality modems. How do I know this? I really don't, it's just what everyone says at out Lake Chapala Computer Club meetings.
Again sorry, I don't know if it is possible to do as you are suggesting. please let us know what success you have with your endeavors,

Good luck



Jun 8, 2014, 4:49 PM

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Re: [johanson] Third party ADSL modem instead of Telmex rental

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I've had to replace 2 Telmex modems due to failure when they were my main provider. I prefer Telecable and I asked that question of them and got a firm NO WAY, end of subject.


Jun 8, 2014, 6:40 PM

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Re: [bg3lares] Third party ADSL modem instead of Telmex rental

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I bought down $5 second hand store modems 8-9 years ago and they worked just fine. Telmex must have 3-5 different brands they have used over the last 10 years and nothing special for any. They certainly don't need a Telmex Key to access the network .... or at least never have.

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