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Apr 12, 2014, 9:21 AM

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Change of status to Residente Permanente - change in timing

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According to INM in Mérida, there is now an important change in WHEN to apply for residente permanente (RP) for those in country who meet the most common criteria for that status, in particular, the four years of prior and unbroken FM3, FM2, or residente temporal (RT) statuses.

Up until this month, one could NOT change one's status until the day AFTER the completion of the 4 year period, in other words, the day after the expiration of your RT status. This was unlike the RT renewal requirement that the application be within the 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Two friends learned that one can (should?) now apply for RP in the 30 days up to and including the expiration date of the RT status. (They did not inquire what would happen if one applied after that period... an important point I cannot address, because for renewals of the RT status one loses one´s status if the application is after those 30 days.)

In the case of the couple, the wife applied, waiting for the day after as then required, and the INM screwed around six weeks and was not even prepared to issue the card until yesterday, the day before the Sunday she planned to travel. (Beside the point, but they had her apply 3 days earlier for permission to travel up to 60 days after expiration of her PT, but the office failed to prepare the papers, and after sitting all day until after 3 pm at INM, with her insisting on a document that would keep her legal for 62 days starting April 13 rather than April 11, the date of issuance of the permission, until finally INM decided to -- surprise -- issue the RP card.)

The husband accompanying his wife on various expeditions to discover when her RP would be issued (her status was never updated to "resolved"on the INM website), but with a later RT expiration date, was told at one point that he could and should apply within the 30 days prior to his RT expiration date. He did. To his delight, his status displayed as "resolved" within two weeks, and he expects to receive his RP this Tuesday.

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