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Dec 4, 2013, 4:31 PM

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Fear of flying ...

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6 months ago I missed a flight in DF (AeroMexico) because I failed to get my passport stamped at the immigration table, not because I was late checking in. Had to buy a new ticket. My bad. But I'm flying again next week, AeroMexico through DF, then a connecting flight to SF. I only have 1 hour 15 minutes so as my pre-traumatic stress is beginning to click in, I am trying to verify the list of what I am going to have to do. If you are a frequent flyer, I would really appreciate your help!

Upon arrival in DF:
Do I need to go to baggage claim and take my suitcase to AeroMexico to check it in again for the connecting flight or will it automatically be checked through?

Do I check into the next flight by going to the Aeromexico room or do I use one of the machines?

Is the immigration table where you get your exit stamp always right outside the security checkpoint?

My doctor thanks you, I thank you, for allowing me to keep my blood pressure under control. :)


Dec 6, 2013, 12:03 PM

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Re: [Yaxchi] Fear of flying ...

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You do not state where you are flying from before you reach the D.F. nor whether the originating flight is with Aeromexico or another airline. I will assume that the flight is from another point in Mexico, and will answer according to my assumption.

With connecting flights within Mexico, luggage in theory does not have to be collected by you. (If you come to DF by other than Aeromexico, do ask your travel agent or reservations clerk prior to your first flight. Indeed, you should be asking all your questions to those in the business, rather than a forum, no?)

Do check your tickets. There are two almost geographically isolated areas of the Mexico City airport. Your domestic Mexican flight may go to terminal 1 if not an Aeromexico flight. Aeromexico and Aeromexico Connect normally use terminal 2.

You go with the boarding pass --that you received on checking into the first flight-- to the departure gate for your flight. The TV monitors in the airport will indicate the boarding Gate for your flight.

I have not flown internationally from DF, only domestically within Mexico, so have not cleared INM in the DF. Normally in Mexico the INM stand as you walk into the secure area. It puzzles me how, six months ago, you "failed to get" your passport stamped departing Mexico City on an international flight. Let me further assume that you have a residente permanente or residente temporal status, otherwise you would already have the bottom part of an FMM from you flight(s) into Mexico, in which case request an FMM from the INM officer and write your immigration status on the top of the form and on the top of the bottom portion.

Note: Aeromexico does not seem to have a flyer friendly attitude. See
however, a flyer be damned attitude is not uncommon in today's airline industry.


Dec 8, 2013, 3:51 PM

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Re: [Aaron+] Fear of flying ...

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Ditto re Aeromexico's lack of user-friendly attitude and lousy service. I MUCH prefer Interjet and Voloaris airlines; beware of Vivaaerobus airline. I fly frequently to/from Mexico DF both internationally and domestically within Mexico.

One should inform themself ahead of time re the Mex DF Airport terminals they will be using. Terminal 1 is domestic Mexico and some international; Terminal 2 is mostly Aeromexico and some international. There is an airport tram rail (sometimes not operational though - then a shuttle bus must be used) between Terminals 1 & 2. Allow time to navigate between terminals if you will be using both terminals. Within a terminal it can be LONG way to or between boarding gates - sometimes over 1/4 mile of walking and/or moving platform.

Watch the airport large-screen monitors announcing arrival and departure gates carefully and frequently. I've often had them change boarding gates at the very last minute, forcing one to rush to the new alternate gate.(The P.A. announcements are often garbled and unintelligible, regardless of what languages you speak).

Mex DF airport personnel are often over-worked minimum-wage employees, and are not known for particularly good customer service - but a smile, patience and courtesy on your part will go a long way towards moderating that.

The Mex DF airport also usually has some of the most thorough and intense luggage and passenger inspection ANYWHERE - often both upon departure AND arrival. Those inspection/X-ray lines are often quite long, so allow plenty of time to pass through those checkpoints. Be SURE you don't include in your carry-on luggage or person any liquids, sprays, pastes, creams, foods (despite the "official" 3 oz. allowance) or "sharp objects". I've had the DF airport inspectors also confiscate package tape, bungee cords, string, rope and other items usually and officially allowed - BUT once the inexperienced under-paid inspector questions it, it is confiscated - rightly or wrongly so (don't bother arguing).

You might consider making pre-flight arrangements for wheel-chair service at the ariport (they usually don't check whether you are "qualified" for that or not) when you make your reservation and ticketing - that could save long walks and long lines, give better service, and get earliest boarding at the gate.

Apart from all that, bon voyage/buen viaje (and next time allow more time at the DF airport between flights).
JuanCha de: Santa Fe NM, San Cristobal de Las Casas Chiapas, San Diego CA


Dec 11, 2013, 4:00 AM

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Re: [JuanCha] Fear of flying ...

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Hello JuanCha,
Thanks for that information, really very informative. Thanks for the info regarding the different airlines also. I am a little concerned as to the second to last paragraph in your posting as (even though you may not have meant it)it seems to suggest persons who might be tired or other wise unscrupulous, should use the "wheelchair service" even if it is not medically or physically necessary . . . . . . there is a very big difference between being plain old fat or having a "sore back" and truly having a disability. Yes, I have seen this happen on many occasions and this reduces both personnel and equipment for those really in need of it. Do you happen to have any good information about wheelchairs accompanying a person on the flight, etc?
Thanks again,
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