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Nov 18, 2013, 6:42 AM

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Three petty crimes in the past two weeks of November

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Two friends and I have been the victims of petty crimes in the past two weeks starting the beginning to November.

1 - I had a full tank of gas. Was out doing errands. And I noticed my tank said almost empty. Went to the gas station to get gas, pulled the release for the gas door and it wouldn't open. The attendant had to use his key to pry it open. I went to my mechanic to see what was wrong and he said someone pried your gas tank door open (and they syphoned off most of the gas). Mechanic fixed my bent gas door and sold me a locking screw on gas cap.

2 - Friends in SJC got up in the morning, they live on the lake in SJC. At the end of the yard where the lake meets the yard they had a long row of huge crown of thorns plants. All the plants had the branched cut off, main plant still there but branches gone and one in a pot broken. This was done at night while they were sleeping. You can root crown of thorn from the cuttings and there are many shops in town that sell them.

3- A friend brought her feria artists to her home in SJC and unloaded the car. Parked the car out front due to gardeners mess in the cochera. In the hurry forgot to lock the car. In the morning when she went to take her guests to the feria her car wouldn't start. She called a cab to get them there. As she was leaving she noticed the hood wasn't shut all the way and when she looked in the battery was gone. Also the car had been rifled and there was a knife found in the car that wasn't hers.

So beware - lots of stuff going on and report crimes you know about to Lake Chapala Crime:

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