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Oct 31, 2013, 1:43 PM

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Traveling From Mexico and Return From Ireland

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Has anyone traveled from and back to Mexico From England, Ireland or any other European country for example on their Permanente Resident Card? What are some of the speed bumps that might occur along the way, if any? Am I better off using my Canadian Passport or as a Permanent Resident when I reenter Mexico am I going to have any potential problems? First hand information is appreciated. I guess I should word this better and say I am traveling on my Canadian Passport but will use my Perm Res card upon my return. What can or should I expect?




Oct 31, 2013, 6:00 PM

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Re: [robt65] Traveling From Mexico and Return From Ireland

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Hi Robert,
Definitely use your Residente Permanente card when you leave and re-enter Mexico. As you check-in at INM for your departure to Ireland, you fill out both top and bottom portions (or left and right portions**) of the FMM. Be sure to boldly print "RESIDENTE PERMANENTE" in the white area at the top of both halves of the FMM form. In case there is a line at INM, plan an extra 20 minutes for this step. INM keeps the exit half of the FMM form.

INM will stamp your (Canadian) passport as you exit and re-enter. Since you will have the entry part of the FMM when you return to Mexico, you do not fill out any INM forms on the plane (regardless of what airline personnel tell you). Try not to bring back too much Red Breast with you when you return.
Happy Trails,

**INM has been using one of 2 different styles of FMM's for the past few months: One is and over-under version (top half/bottom half), while the second style is a side-by-side version. No big deal.
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