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Aug 12, 2013, 1:34 PM

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Of the two, is there a 'more desirable' highway to take from Oaxaca City down to the coast (Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel & Huatulco)? We would be driving our own car. Any thoughts as to these 3 beach areas? We don't need mega resort stay and in fact would prefer not (as a place to stay).

Based on the hairy road(s) down, was it worth the trip to spend some time/see that part of the state?


Aug 12, 2013, 2:50 PM

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Re: [RickS] Oaxaca

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I can't answer your question regarding which road to take from Ciudad de Oaxaca because I came by way of San Christobal, Chiapas but I can tell you that the coastline and beaches there are beautiful. I stayed one night in Puerto Angel and didn't like it so much because it was very, very busy and crowded but there are a few nicer hotels in the town. The next morning some other tourists told us that just a little way down the road heading West there were a few small towns with budget accommodations. I ended up in a small town called San Agustinillo anjd stayed at a very small hotel right on the beautiful beach. I loved it there and stayed a few nights. I live on the beautiful Isla de Cozumel in the Caribbean but the the coastline of Oaxaca would probably be my second choice of where to live in Mexico. No English spoken in the town I was in but everyone was very friendly and accommodating. I have not been in Huatulco but I understand it is much more touristy.

Enjoy :o)

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Aug 12, 2013, 4:43 PM

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Re: [RickS] Oaxaca

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You might want to check the Oaxaca Forum on TripAdvisor as this is a pretty common topic:
There is an Alvin S from Oaxaca who seems to be full of info and answers with what appears to be stright info.

If you have not made the drive into Oaxaca from the north, the last section is really impressive. Hopefully you won't be making the trip during the rainy season as the highways can be problematic with mud slides. Oaxaca is known for crazy drivers who probably couldn't even drive if their vehicles didn't have horns!
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Aug 12, 2013, 5:17 PM

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Re: [RickS] Oaxaca

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We have done Pochutla Oaxaca and do on a regulat basis the Tehuantepec Oaxaca they are both beautiful and very curvy roads.The Oaxaca Tehuantepec is about 4 hours the Pochutla Oaxaca is much longer. THey are both worth driving if you like nice countryside..

Huatulaco has a sall Mexican town called Santa Cruz, it is a port wher ethe cruise ship come on. There are various beaches around Huatulco that are very nice. Huatulco is mor like a resort place outside of Santa Cruz, clean planned out.

We do not car efor Puerto Angel too congested. There are spectaculat beaches, on a bay the other on the open ocean in a little hamlet called San Agustin, we love it accrees by boat or a long dirt road.

Mazunte is a relax in place that is very pleasant to us and has a turtle reserve. It is next to Zipolite another relax surfer type beach with palapa funly hotels. It is a cloth optional beach.

THere is a third beach ther e, the name escapr me also very nice
Firther north you have Puerto Escondido which reminds me of a European beach town could be French or Italian, it has that crowded center ahas a beautiful beach for surfers and seceral other small beaches.

Our favorite spot is Mazunte but I am sure everyone has their favorite, actually we love the Coasta Chica between Puerto Escondido and Acapulco.

There is also a beach north of Tehuantepec called playa cangrejos beautiful on a dirt road there are a few one room cabin you can rent , clean with beds and hamacs and palapa restaurants. We find that beach much more beautiful and less developped than the north side of the same beach,

There are a huge amount of beautiful and isolate beaches from playa cangrejos all the way to Acapulco just frive the cost explore the beaches and settle in you r favorite spot.
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