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Jul 11, 2013, 1:39 PM

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Visa / auto-citizenship for child born in Mexico

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We recently had birth of our 2nd boy in mexico. I am a Indian National and me and my wife hold indian passport. I am in mexico on Work Permit and my wife has dependent visa.

I want to get Indian passport for my son as it reduces lot of troubles for me later once we move back to india.

As per my knowledge indian embassy gives Indian passport in mexico.

Question is : What visa should my child have to stay in mexico and how?

My thought was , since child was born in mexico he will automatically get Mexican citizenship and would not need any specific visa even if he gets Indian passport. With this he should be able to exit country without anyissues.

If thats not the case, what document should be produced to get Dependant visa for my son? Normally immigration form is required for application (in addition to other docs). but that wont be possible for the child.

Please let me know waht process needs to be followed and is there any place where i can get more information.



Jul 12, 2013, 6:47 PM

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Re: [amitnjoshi] Visa / auto-citizenship for child born in Mexico

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Your son born in Mexico automatically has Mexican nationality. He doesn’t need to do anything else. In fact, you can not get a visa for him unless you renounce his Mexican nationality (and I’m not sure whether you can do that). A person with Mexican nationality can not claim any other nationality while they are in Mexico. Thus he does not need and can not have a visa enabling him to be in Mexico as a foreigner. The document that proves his Mexican nationality is his Mexican birth certificate. You should get several copies of his Mexican birth certificate because you may need them for various different things.

You should also get his Indian birth certificate as soon as possible, so that he can get the documents he needs as an Indian citizen (such as his Indian passport). Inquire from the Embassy of India in Mexico what the procedure and documents are for obtaining his birth certificate – it will be a birth certificate for an Indian citizen born abroad. To get it, you will probably need your baby’s Mexican birth certificate, and your and your wife’s Indian passports. Possibly some other documents: they can tell you at Consular Services what you will need.

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