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May 5, 2013, 8:27 AM

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Heads up on HSBC Bank across from Walmart, count your change!!!

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Stopped at that bank and got 5,000 pesos out of the ATM, then went inside to get change for all the 500 peso notes. Gave the teller(woman, last teller on the left)2,000 pesos and asked for 100 peso bills and then another 2,000 pesos and asked for 200 peso bills.

The teller made a big show of counting the bills over and over, she counted all the bills together twice then she put the 100 peso bills through the counting machine and counted the 200 peso bills 3 more times while I watched. I was trying to count with her and every time she counted the 200 peso bills I came up with 9 bills instead of 10.

When she handed me the money I started to count it and she immediately, before I could finish counting, reached in the drawer and handed me another 200 peso bill. I guess she figured that if she counted it enough times in front of me I wouldn't bother to count it when she gave it to me and it would be 200 pesos in her pocket. If she would have waited till I counted it and came up short it would have been more believable that it was a mistake but she knew it was short before I counted it. I don't believe she could have counted it 5 times and not known that it was short when I could tell it was from the other side of the counter.

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