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Apr 25, 2013, 1:21 PM

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INM Information Re Changing or Renewing Visa in the DF

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My wife went to INM in the Distrito Federal today; her FM-2 (due, under the old law, for its third refrenda) was up for either renewal or for change to the new status, Residente Permanante. Fortunately she is the sort of person who saves government paperwork; she took with her everything she could possibly have needed for either tramite.

The person at INM who checked over her documents said that she would be eligible for Residente Permanente if all of her prior visas had been renewed promptly and if she had been living in Mexico for four years or more. She took out the INM paperwork showing that her previous FM-3s (five years) and her FM-2 (two years) had been renewed as required by law. She was not required to present a comprobante de domicilio. She was not required to present proof of income.

The INM charge for checking over her documents ($1000MN) had to be paid today; she paid it at a bank near the INM office. This charge has not previously existed and is over and above the actual charge for the visa. The $3815MN charge for a Residente Permanente visa will have to be paid when she goes to pick up her new card.

She asked me to mention that INM has posted the wrong initial payment form online; the agents filled out a form with a number different from the online form number and said that the website needed an update. In addition, she asked me to mention that an escritorio público on Platón casi esquina Ejercito Nacional (alongside the INM building) will prepare your paperwork at a very low cost. The young woman who takes care of that knows all of the standard, correct language for filling out the forms. The escritorio público also has a copy service--copies are 1 peso each.

She received the paperwork with her NUT and número de pieza. The agents told her to call in 30 days to see if her Residente Permanente is ready.


Apr 26, 2013, 11:00 AM

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Re: [esperanza] INM Information Re Changing or Renewing Visa in the DF

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Congratulations! Back in January, I was able to obtain my RP the same way (sin comprobante de domicilio, and no financial statements). Even though the first clerk tried to send me home and come back in November for RT renewal. They changed their tune when I firmly stated that the INM national hotline had given me information different from theirs. From that point it was a smooth ride.
All the best to you and your wife,
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