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Feb 27, 2013, 2:37 PM

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Point to Point Routes

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A few years ago someone posted this handy Mexican website wherein one can create a trip, complete with interim places, and get 1) a 'zoom-able' map of the trip and 2) a complete listing of the 'towns/toll booths etc. along the way.... with kl/miles and toll costs. I think it bears posting again.

This website may not be totally accurate as it does NOT contain all of the newer cuotas and some of the toll costs are not necessarily up-to-date quickly. But it is at least a guideline to the relative cost of traveling on your route.

Find it at: To get the English version, click on a link on that page.

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May 31, 2014, 8:16 AM

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Re: [RickS] Point to Point Routes

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Rick would you be so kind as to elaborate which new cuotas? from what I've seen in other posts there seems to be a new cuota just leaving Nuevo Laredo (If I read correctly about 8 miles from the Intersection 85 -Colosio) which means that now the entire NL- MTY route could be travelled almost in its entirety on cuota roads. Could you elaborate or confirm if that is true? Last time I drove on this road about 1.5 yrs. ago the first place I paid a cuota driving to MTY was on 85D at the sabinas caseta after taking 85D at la gloria (besides the one I paid for crossing at Colombia bridge).
Thanks in advance.


Jul 24, 2014, 4:17 PM

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Re: [blandons4ever] Point to Point Routes

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I know the highway you're talking about, but it is not a cuota. Just north of the km-26 checkpoint (9 miles south of Colosio), you exit to the right and then veer left onto the flyover. It is signed for "Colombia" and "Piedras Negras", as it is the route you would use to cross at the Colombia bridge. The highway was constructed a few years ago as an A2 highway (two lanes with wide shoulders to accommodate passing); since then, they have widen a good portion of it to a four-lane divided highway. The southern section of it is still two lanes, as are a couple of bridges that have not been twinned. It is not tolled, but it is only useful to you if you're crossing at Colombia. The border crossing it serves directly (World Trade bridge) is for commercial traffic only. To get to Colombia, you simply do a right-hand jug-handle exit on highway 2. Highway 2 is not a cuota either, but has a very visible police presence and decently heavy traffic (especially trucks).

Re: the web feature in general...

I've used the "traza tu ruta" a.k.a. "punto a punto" webpage for a few years now, and find that its main use is for ballparking the total toll cost for a trip. The intermediate place names it uses are not necessarily signed in the real world, there is some delay not only in adding new roads to the database but also in updating the price of tolls. It also is not as good at deciding the best route as, say, Google Maps. FWIW, the not-so-new not-a-cuota Nuevo Laredo bypass is mappable using the SCT website, under the name "Mex 002" along with the rest of highway 2. Sometimes the nomenclature on the website does not match the number that a particular highway is signed with in the real world (in this case, it is signed as both 2 and 85, depending on the location).
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