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Feb 21, 2013, 6:51 PM

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Puebla - mosquitos and sand fly diseases???

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Hi, just planning my move to Puebla and was doing research on the web about the place and any issues. I have to investigate these types of things since I will have my son with me.

Any idea if mosquitoes are an issue in Puebla?

The mosquito issue comes to mind because I just read a research report that Dengue fever is spreading to higher altitudes and that it is getting close to the elevation of Puebla. Any thoughts on this? Heard anything?

Lonely Planet had a travel note about Leishmaniasis - which I've never heard of. Always hard to tell if these travel reports are overly risk averse and the issue is extremely rare (like getting struck by lightning) or are issues to be concerned about.

Leishmaniasis occurs in the mountains and jungles of all Central American countries. The infection is transmitted by sand flies, which are about one-third the size of mosquitoes. Leishmaniasis may be limited to the skin, causing slowly-growing ulcers over exposed parts of the body, or (less commonly) may disseminate to the bone marrow, liver and spleen. The disease may be particularly severe in those with HIV. The disseminated form is rare in Mexico and is limited chiefly to the Balsas River basin in the southern states of Guerrero and Puebla. There is no vaccine for leishmaniasis. To protect yourself from sand flies, follow the same precautions as for mosquitoes, except that netting must be finer mesh (at least 18 holes to the linear inch).

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