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A lost restaurant review

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Hi, I ran across this review while perusing the business section. Oddly enough, My family and I had a throughly enjoyable dinner at Viva Mexico Saturday evening.
I would add the following to the below review.
1) They close early, don't arrive at 8 pm and be disappointed that they are closed.
2) Parking is a premium. The streets are very narrow but navigable, if you don't get in a hurry.
3) Chef Augustino caters to the individual palate. Let him prepare something for you the way you like it.
4) Viva Mexico and the immediate area although well lighted, is not handicapped friendly. The curbs are very high as is the entrance to the restaurant. Once inside, it is smooth going.
5) The staff at this family owned establishment are very friendly and attentive.
6) There is a small bar capable of serving whatever your choice might be for the evening. Enjoy!!

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The Review:
Viva Mexico in San Juan Cosala (near Lake Chapala, Jalisco) has new menus as well as new menu items - PLUS an additional English speaking chef! One of the best menus in town at reasonable prices. Come to San Juan Cosala and check it out! Viva Mexico, Tia Lupita is located on Porfirio Diaz - the main street of San Juan Cosala about 1 1/2 blocks from the plaza. Below is a list of their menu items:


-Queso fundido (melted cheese – a Mexican traditional dish)
With beef or with Mexican sausage, vegetarian chili peppers, mushrooms tomato and onion
-Salsa en molcajete (special salsa made of char grilled tomatoes and veggies)
-Beans – cooked to perfection
-Combined order sopes, tacos and enchiladas
-Baked potatoes
With cream or butter and crispy bacon or Mexican sausage
-Sopa Toña (soup)
Combination of tomatoes, cream, peppers, tortilla, avocado and cheese

Traditional Menu

Traditional dish Saturdays and Sundays only, the combination of white and red hominy, served with pork meat – cooked slowly for hours
Aunt Lupita’s traditional 5 per order meat, chicken or cheese-
-Sopes (small corn masa – similar to a small tortilla with a lip)
Aunt Lupita’s traditional 5 per order meat, chicken, potatoes and beans
-Tacos Dorados
Traditional Aunt Lupita’s traditional 5 per order beef, chicken, or beef
Delicious Mexican food, chicken or pork
Delicious fresh tortillas with mozzarella cheese
Freshly made corn tortilla with beef and beans
With chicken, beef, shrimp and Vegetarian Version as well with rice beans and salad.

-Filete miñón – as you like it
Delicious beef tenderloin served with baked potato and bacon, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers
-Puntas de Albañil
Beef fajitas, cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomato, tomato sauce, served with beans/rice guacamole and fresh tortillas
Jucy Beef flank steak, served with guacamole salad and beans
Made with beef or chicken seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper, onions, bell peppers, served with rice, beans and salad
Skewers of beef fillet, chopped peppers, tomato and onion, served with rice, beans and salad.
-Chicken breast marinada
Fillet of chicken, served on a bed of lettuce with rice and vegetables
Beef patty served onextra large roll with tomato, onion, jalapeño with/or fries
Breaded chicken breast fillet accompanied by rice, beans and salad
-Chiles Rellenos
Mild pepper stuffed with cheese, bathed in tomato sauce – baked and served with rice and salad
-Carne asada
Grilled steak served with rice, beans and salad
-Vegetarian platter
Bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, green beans topped with cheese and tomatoes sauce. with rice beans and salad


Shrimp prepared with chunks of bell peppers, onions and mushrooms topped with nut cream
Shrimp flavored with pepper and onion slices covered in a cream base and chipotle chili, topped with mozzarella cheese
-Tamal mal amarrado
Shrimp wrapped in corn husks, prepared with tomato, onion, cilantro, marinated and topped with mozzarella cheese.
-Camarones al ajo
Shrimp served with guacamole salad and rice
-Camarones /Brocheta
Shrimp chile pepper chunks, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes served with rice and salad
-Camarones empanizados
Shrimp breaded with flour and egg, served with rice and salad
-Camarones a la BBQ
Family recipe cooked with our special bbq sauce served with rice and salad
-Camarones en molcajete (baked in a traditional stone dish – piping hot)
Shrimp prepared with peppers and onions seasoned with salt and pepper in a sauce made of roasted tomatoes, topped with mozzarella cheese and panella cheese.
-Camarones / Hierbas
Shrimp prepared in olive oil, rosemary, marjoram, salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice
-Filete Mixtli – Fish fillet
White fillet of fish cooked on the grill prepared with herbs (basil, oregano and cilantro) seasoned with garlic salt and pepper wrapped in corn husks
-Pescado a la Maria
White fillet of fish cooked with olive oil, garlic, onions, yellow and jalapeño peppers, mushrooms, olives and cover with tomatoes sauce.

Specials of the house

-Chiles en Nogada (Mexican traditional dish)
Our house specialty, tasty poblano chile stuffed with beef and pork meat covered in a delicious cream of walnut and pomegranate, served with salad.
Ribs Baked in sweet sauce, served with rice and salad
-Molcajetes de meat and/or chicken (baked in a traditional stone dish called a molcajete)
Chicken breast or Beef Steak, with green or red tomato sauce
-Pollo Tarasco
Chicken fajitas cooked in a cream-chipotle pepper cream and onions, served with rice and salad
-Pollo en pétalos de rosa
Stuffed chicken fillet cooked grilled cheese dipped in a sauce made with red wine and rose petals accompanied with vegetables
-Pollo a la valentina
Chicken pieces boiled in corn oil, dipped in tomatoe sauce with fried potatoes accompanied with salad and jalapeños peppers.
-Chicken breast with nuts
Chicken With walnuts served with rice and salad
-Mole Poblano
Traditional family recipe mole (Chocolate sauce) with pork meat
-Enchiladas de Mole
5 per order covers chicken stuffed with sweet mole (Chocolate sauce)
-Viva México
Beef, served with Mexican sausage, cheese, sopes, tacos, beans, rice soup, guacamole and salad
-Tía Lupita
The traditional tacos, sopes, enchiladas and tostada
-San Juan
"Tacos and tacos" tradition of our people, grilled beef taco, crispy taco and quesadillas, served with rice, beans and guacamole
-El Patrón
Flank steak fajita meat and chicken, accompanied by guacamole, beans, rice and salad with a shot of tequila
(Vegetarian) cheese, red and green bell peppers served with beans and salad
-La Juanita
(2 quesadillas, enchiladas 3) cheese, meat or chicken served with rice and beans
-La Mexicana
Beef steak, 1 tostada meat or chicken, served with guacamole, beans, rice and salad
-El Güerito
Chile stuffed with cheese wrapped in flour tortilla topped with tomato and cream sauce served with beans and / or rice and salad
-La Charra
Green salad (lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, carrots almonds & cheese)
-El Dominguero
Delicious baked pork shank wrapped with banana leaf, served with rice, beans and salad

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